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How Janki Patel Closed 50+ Deals with StreetText Facebook Ads

Janki Patel has unlocked the secret to getting started with Facebook Ads: it’s really all about mindset and coming from contribution. Janki has come from a background of serving others and knew that she needed to work hard to see the results she was looking for. When she started with StreetText just over 1.5 years ago, […]...

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— by REDX

6 Ways to Generate Listings Online

When it comes to lead generation, we know that cold calling is one of the most effective ways to connect with qualified homeowners. But the reality is… every agent needs multiple sources of business to be succ...

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Use these tested and proven methods to keep your real estate business thriving all year-long. End the uncertainty of seasonal market-dependent income and replace it with predictable income you can control. Everyone desires a consistent income but as a real estate professional, you might feel like having a predictable income isn’t in the cards for [&...

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The Six Habits of Highly Productive Real Estate Agents

It’s a miracle real estate agents are productive at all with so many distractions. It’s a never-ending journey to become a highly productive real estate agent. You can reach your full potential by developing habits that yield consistent outcomes. Time management has always been difficult for some agents. How do you stay productive between ...

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