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Considering Hiring A Real Estate Coach?

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned veteran, you may be considering hiring a coach to help you advance to that next level. You may wish to triple your sales, build a rockstar team, transition to working with luxury clients or even retire your database for a nice profit. But where do you begin your search for a coach? And, once you’ve found the perfect coach, how do you make the most of a real estate coaching program?

As an ambitious real estate agent, you may be driven to this profession because you value independence and the ability to define your own financial objectives. However, doing it alone in this career can only get you so far. There is always something new to learn, someone doing things better, and new markets to explore. You’ll eventually need a source of inspiration to help you broaden your talents, increase your network, and propel your real estate business to new heights. 

Why is Real Estate Coaching Important?

Real estate coaching entails more than simply having someone to motivate you; it also entails having a coach who can assist you improve your talents faster than you could on your own.

Creating a delicate work/life balance, learning the art of negotiations, establishing morning routines, observing the real estate market, and above all – trying your best to list and sell – is frequently a game of trial and error in the real estate industry. With real estate coaching, you can remove a lot of the guesswork from this process and achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently.

Do you want to be a successful real estate agent? With real estate coaching, you will avoid costly mistakes, learn what it takes to stand out among the competition, gain a more experienced perspective, and learn necessary skills for the real estate world.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Coach?

If you search for “best real estate coaching,” you’ll get a plethora of results. However, not all real estate coaches and coaching systems are the same. There are a few things you should know when looking to hire a good real estate coach:

Network, network, network.
Ask people in your immediate network whether they know a coach they would recommend.

Conduct an online search.
Check for potential real estate coaches through sites such as LinkedIn. They might not be someone you already know, so you’ll have to do some more investigation to see whether they’re authentic.

Evaluate your options.
Examine your possibilities and select the individual with the best combination of talents, competence, and personality that will be a good match for you and assist with your goals and dreams.

Is it a good fit for your needs?
Check to see if the coach has assisted other agents in reaching their objectives. To get the best coach for your needs, look at their ability to understand your business and any specific challenges you may be having and provide insight and solutions.

Ask for a testimonial or look at recent reviews.
They should list previous clients, testimonials, and success stories on their website. Identify others in comparable situations and see how coaching helped them overcome hurdles.

Are they updated on modern technology?
See if they comprehend the marketing requirements of today’s modern real estate brokers. Make sure you’re dealing with someone who can assist you in leveraging technology to improve your marketing, streamline your business, and help with growth and scaling.

How accessible are they?
Your potential coach should provide a wide range of on-demand help and availability. Depending on your business demands and your personality, you may require someone to be on-call for questions and difficulties as they happen, or you may choose to take things slowly, with weekly or monthly planned sessions.

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

Real estate agents should anticipate paying between $500 and $10,000 per month for real estate coaching services, but the information they gain often results in much higher returns.  You will be more effective at generating leads and filling your pipeline, managing your database, negotiating higher commissions, and closing more sales.

What are the Top Real Estate Coaching Programs?

In your quest for a real estate coach, it is critical to select someone with whom you connect, who has experience in the area of your choosing, and who has the availability you require. This individual will be your major source of support and mentorship throughout your career, so it’s worth your effort to select the perfect coach for you.

As a result of their industry reputation, the following are some of the greatest real estate coaching choices to consider:

A Brilliant Tribe Coaching– This coaching company may be new to the game, but Tristan Ahumada has been in the industry for many years. He offers several types of coaching tiers, including one-on-one coaching with Tristan or one of his Brilliant coaches or group coaching for newer agents or ones that are currently scaling their business.

Tom Ferry – Agents at all levels who need actionable scripts, mindset coaching, digital marketing training, and much more from an industry leader.

Keller Williams MAPS – Keller Williams has a broad stroke of coaching programs for all levels and experience, including KW MAPS award-winning mastery program. This program guides you to focus on solutions, gain awareness of your unique strengths, and identify areas for development, so that blind spots, gaps in skills, or bad habits don’t get in the way of your success.

Krista Mashore – Krista is known as a Digital Marketing Coach. She helps professionals utilize video and social media to dominate their profession and become the go-to authority in their community. She also teaches her strategy on how she went from 0 to 8 figures in 35 months!

Buffini & Company – Agents who want business training along with real estate coaching. Free consultation to get you started.

Real Estate Coaching Success Story

Jamie Highers, a Florida agent, had only been in the business for two and a half years when she employed a coach. “I wanted to plow new territory and build a collaboration with a coach where we could bounce ideas off each other and set new goals,” says Highers.

She decided to call Keller Williams Productivity Coaching after hearing about them during a team meeting at her brokerage. They were an in-house coaching program and perfect for what she needed. She was assigned to a coach, and the two hit it off right away. “Laura spoke with me about leveraging social media and developing and sharing relevant content, then collaborated with me to establish a strategy. We met for an hour twice a month.”

Highers attributes much of her success to her coach, who helped her improve her social media and content marketing abilities and her ability to leverage technology better. She mentioned how coaching helped her stay grounded and focused. “I know what figures I need to hit right now. My objectives are considerably clearer, and I am on track to meet them a month earlier than projected.” Her objective for 2022 is to sell $25 million in real estate. “We sold $12 million last year—during the height of the pandemic – and I’m looking to double that this year.”

Conclusion – Is Real Estate Coaching Worth The Investment?

Hiring a coach can improve accountability, profitability, expertise, motivation, and access to processes, systems, and resources that will help you build your team or business. But is it worth the investment? 

You can’t simply hire a coach and expect them to wave a magic wand and get the desired outcomes in terms of time commitment. You must pay attention to what the coach says, follow the instructions, and work hard every day.  

Remember that to get to that next level, you must consistently hone your skills and set higher goals, just like in any other business. Working with a fantastic real estate coaching program can help you with this. What are you waiting for?

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