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Real Estate Facebook Ads: How To Know If An Ad Is Performing?

Investing in Facebook ads can be life changing. Great ads open up new opportunities to form new client relationships and build your prospecting database. Suddenly you’re sitting in a blue ocean, away from competitors, communicating to your prospects before anyone else and building a thriving business built on trust, service and contribution. So today...

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— by Chime Team

How to Ease Your Follow Up Burden with AI

The sales process is rarely a straight line. Across industries, it often takes between seven and 12 touches to convert a prospect. Just ONE prospect. Realtors in particular bear a heavy follow up burden. How do you ...

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The 4 most important things to look for when choosing a showing service.

 At the forefront of every real estate transaction is the showing appointment. Although a seemingly simple task, we all know how time consuming it can be to sort through listings, their availability, and coordinate showings around multiple schedules.  Fortunately, technology has helped make this process much easier for agents. Whether you are a new ...

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6 Episodes of The REDX Podcast to Boost Your FSBO Knowledge

Stubborn FSBOs?… No Problem! Land the Listing Appointment with Darryl Davis It’s time to get “R-E-A-L” with FSBOs. In this podcast, New York coach Darryl Davis shares how new agents can sound more natural, how to nail every listing appointment, and how to deal with the most stubborn FSBO objections.  “We don’t sell...

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— by Nick Baldwin

Do FB Seller Ads Truly Work?

I’ve done Facebook ads for years and I have come to the conslusion that seller campaigns just are not effective, and in order to get sellers you have to ask the right questions to buyer leads. For example: If you ask, “Do you have a home to sell,” you may never truly know if they […]...

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— by Happy Grasshopper

A Mansion, a Necromancer and a Realtor®

Down a dark lane, in a forgotten corner of town, surrounded by overgrown trees, you will find an old mansion. It’s not as grand as it once was, merely a shadow of its former self. Occasionally, you will see the lights in the windows or a shadow skirting past the front door. No one is […]...

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