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— by Barry jenkins

The Seller Lead Conversion Mindset

Selling a home is a big decision, and it can also be an emotional roller coaster. No matter how much you love your home, there’s always the chance that you might regret selling if real estate prices rise in the future. The key to success for real estate agents is understanding this mindset and speaking […]...

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— by Showingly

Introducing The Ecosystem of Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of multiple complexities, each of which ties into one another, affecting the progression, growth, and success of the deal. If you don’t have the proper strategy and supporting tools...

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— by REDX

7 Best Follow-Up Strategies in Real Estate

Prospecting without follow-up is like trying to fill up a bucket that’s full of holes – no matter how hard you try, progress feels impossible. Follow-up is a crucial part of setting listing appointments,...

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— by Ylopo

Never Lose Listing Leads To The Competition Again

With the help of certain tools and systems, real estate professionals can take steps to guarantee the long-term loyalty of past clients and earn the future business of their current prospects. As a real estate agent, there are few things more painful than losing a lead that you spent money generating and time nurturing to […]...

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— by Very Social


Social media is a non-negotiable for modern-day representation. Whether you are showcasing yourself and your personal life or trying to expand your business, creating and posting content that resonates with your target audience is crucial. But how do you even begin to build a following in the first place? Without an audience, no one can […]...

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— by Nancy Chu

Does This Market Bring Out The BEST In You, Or…?

The phrase I keep hearing all the time in real estate in relation to business in this “heated” market is “…a rising tide floats all boats…”  AND, I interpret this particular phrase as “there is a LOT of transaction to be had right now, if you can make it known that you are in the […]...

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— by Follow Up Boss

How Real Estate Chatbots Can Nurture Leads From Lukewarm To Hot

This article was originally posted on the Follow Up Boss blog When a potential buyer is looking for a new place to live or a seller is considering offloading their home, they want immediate answers — for these consumers, the concept of “responding too fast” simply doesn’t exist. But in an era when real estate […]...

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— by Darryl Davis

The Follow-Up: How Soon is TOO Soon?

There is no specific formula developed for when you should follow up with people. It really comes down to instincts. If you are like 99% of the real estate agents out there, you are constantly trying to gauge the fine balance of time between contact and the follow-up. How soon is TOO soon?  Use Your […]...

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