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Lead Generation

— by StreetText

Real Estate Facebook Ads: How To Know If An Ad Is Performing?

Investing in Facebook ads can be life changing. Great ads open up new opportunities to form new client relationships and build your prospecting database. Suddenly you’re sitting in a blue ocean, away from competitors, communicating to your prospects before anyone else and building a thriving business built on trust, service and contribution. So today...

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— by Chime Team

How to Ease Your Follow Up Burden with AI

The sales process is rarely a straight line. Across industries, it often takes between seven and 12 touches to convert a prospect. Just ONE prospect. Realtors in particular bear a heavy follow up burden. How do you ...

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— by Nick Baldwin

Do FB Seller Ads Truly Work?

I’ve done Facebook ads for years and I have come to the conslusion that seller campaigns just are not effective, and in order to get sellers you have to ask the right questions to buyer leads. For example: If ...

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— by Very Social


Let’s start with the basics. Social media is two things, social and media. You have to be willing to show up on your social channels to establish your brand and grow. The more social you are, the more you will grow, the more media you post, the more you will grow. You’ve heard it from […]...

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— by Lab Coat Agents

Gussy Up Your Google My Business Profile

Haven’t claimed your Google My Business account yet? Google My Business is Google’s business directory; it functions similarly to Google’s Yellow Pages. The best way to think of Google My Business is as a digital storefront. It’s possible that your company already exists on Google without you adding it, but it’s unlikely....

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