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Lead Generation

— by REDX

6 Ways to Generate Listings Online

When it comes to lead generation, we know that cold calling is one of the most effective ways to connect with qualified homeowners. But the reality is… every agent needs multiple sources of business to be successful. No one should rely on a single lead source to bring them results. So if you’re an agent […]...

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— by Obeo

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Photography

Whether the real estate market is hot or not, 95% of home buyers said they called the listing agent because of the photos. Agents who know the value photos have on the listing’s performance and their reputation ar...

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— by Very Social


Social media is the center point of everyday life. Especially with the lockdowns over the past year, the whole world has gone essentially virtual. Users have turned to social media to continue to connect not only wi...

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— by Nancy Chu

NO HOUSING INVENTORY? Don’t Panic, We All Need Milk…

There is a recurring refrain I hear among my colleagues in Real Estate… not just in my market area of Northern NJ, but throughout the country:   “OMG, there is no inventory, there is nothing to sell! If there are no good houses to sell, then buyers aren’t going to come buy homes in my market […]...

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— by Chime Team

Capturing the Attention of Millennial Buyers

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report 2021, millennials made up 37% of the buyers share last year, making this audience of prime interest to today’s agents.  In our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents, Mark Rader, Associate with Keller Williams, shares his best practice approach to re...

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