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LabCoat Agents was created as a Facebook group on October 2, 2014 by Tristan Ahumada. It was later Co-Founded as a company by Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin at the end of 2015. LabCoat Agents started as a group of real estate agents, brokers, vendors, speakers, industry insiders, leaders, and experts collaborating together to create the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips and techniques to grow our business, and discussing the latest in real estate tech to help leverage our time.

Over time it became something more, a mindset, culture, and spirit developed. We realized we were more than just a community of people in the same industry, we were a movement! Seeking not only to “Explore The Science Of Real Estate” but to raise the bar on what it means to live, work and win in this industry. Over time our community has grown to become the largest private group of real estate professionals on the Facebook platform and we continue to grow, collaborate, share, and win together.

Core Values


Innovation – A great leader is always looking for opportunities to make an impact in the world. Whether it’s a way of  doing things differently than they’ve been done or creating brand new sectors altogether. It can be as easy as re-inventing the most common of things to inventing a new method that revolutionizes the world.

Systems – Every leader knows the importance of systems and processes. Without them there is no scaling and without scaling there can be no massive growth. Systems is all about creating repeatable steps that can be duplicated easily in mass.

People First – All great leaders value people more than anything. Think of Sam Walton, “If you want a successful business, your people must feel that you are working for them—not that they are working for you.” Without the right people and without treating people right, you will go nowhere fast.

Awareness – You can call it emotional intelligence, social awareness, or just plain old awareness, but the point is that you need it. Awareness means that leaders understand the repercussions of their actions and their words. This is massively important and in our current environment it’s something that is widely missing among many “so called” leaders of our world.

Resilience – With all the things that will go wrong in your business and in your life you must be passionate enough and have enough grit to get through it. Being a great leader requires resilience because things will get hard and there will be days that you wished you were not leading the way!

Kindness – With so much hate, anger, and wanton opinions it feels like kindness is a lost principle. I’m here to remind you that the greatest of all true leaders are the kindest and most compassionate. They lead with love, they lead with hope, they lead with grace, which means they lead with kindness. Kindness is the most amazing strength of all! It brings down walls and it unites people because leading with kindness means putting your ego to the side and being empathetic.

The LCA Team

Tristan Ahumada

Tristan Ahumada has been in real estate since 2004 and focuses primarily on building relationships with clients and focuses on Luxury Real Estate. Tristan Ahumada still practices Real Estate in Los Angeles County and Ventura County. He works in the Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Calabasas and Westlake Village areas. Tristan Ahumada teaches and speaks throughout the year at different events, to small groups and larger groups of up to 20,000 people. Tristan teaches how to have a higher lead conversion through long-term follow-up and building deep relationships with clients. Tristan Ahumada has been married almost 2 decades and has two children, lives in Southern California and loves to spend time with his family. He is the creator and co-founder of the largest closed facebook Real Estate group in the United States called Lab Coat Agents. His favorite charity is a charity to help stop bullying, primarily cyber-bullying.

Nick Baldwin

Nick Baldwin has been in the residential real estate business for the past decade. He started out on his mother’s team where they sold an average of $50,000,000 and 100+ homes a year. Nick has now branched off to begin his new team, Nick Baldwin & Associates, with his wife, Anne. They run a team of five agents out of Keller Williams NJ Metro Group in Montclair, NJ and are already one of the top teams in the KW NY Tri-State. Over the course of Nick’s 10-year career he has personally sold over approximately 400 homes. Nick is also the co-founder of the largest real estate community on Facebook, called “Lab Coat Agents,” which is fast approaching 70,000 members.

Katrina Malit
Director of Operations

Kace is a Learning and Development professional with over 10 years of experience in Training Delivery, Project Management and Organization Development. Prior to joining LCA, she spent most of her career working in the contact center industry managing the training teams for US retail brands, Target and Kohl’s. Her extensive experience in customer service and organization development led her to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where she functioned as a Training Manager. She is an advocate of using technology for learning, and led the team that pioneered the use of Virtual Reality for training customer service in the Philippines. She believes that gratitude is the right attitude and her work mantra is Colossians 3:23.

Sandra Alejandrino
Director of Membership

Sandra used to work as a call center agent back in the days before starting to work from home. Around 2012 where she discovered the possibility of working from home, she soon decided to leave the BPO industry to set sail and started working from home, at first doing different freelancing jobs. She didn’t know at the time that it was possible to make a career out of WFH until she landed her very first professional VA career in a VA agency where she worked for almost 6 years and where she actually met Tristan Ahumada himself and the rest is history. Today, Sandra is happily using her wit and skills to perform her role well for LabCoat Agents. A single mom of two, working smart, loving her work and all its ups and downs, working with a great team which she also considers her second family and working her best to achieve more not only for herself but for her family and the people she works with.

Billie Bautista
Senior Video Editor

Hi all! I’m Billie Bautista and I handle the video editing task and YouTube strategy for LCA. I see to it that all webinars have been edited and uploaded on the LCA YouTube channel as soon as possible. I’m also responsible for the graphics used on LCA YouTube channel like banners and thumbnails for every video.

Angelica Lubag
Executive Assistant – Memberships

Angelica used to be a banker for eight years before starting her career working online. 2017 when she started teaching English online to Chinese and European students. This year 2022, Angelica joined LCA as an Executive Assistant to the Director of the Memberships Division. She manages multiple schedules and maintains communication across teams. Angelica is focused, consistent, punctilious, and reliable. She is organized and trustworthy with confidential and personal information. She has a magnetic presence in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and energy to work tirelessly toward success. Angelica is inspired daily by her husband and their two kids. When not at work, she likes to bake, travel, and spend time with her family.

 Kate De Leon
Kate De Leon
Executive Assistant

Kate has over 6 years of experience in the customer service field, and has worked at a couple of BPO companies in the Philippines. When she gave birth in 2019, she spent time teaching herself new skills while taking care of her newborn. Digital Marketing captured her interest and began to dive deep into everything about the marketing world. As the pandemic started to normalize the work-from-home setup, she saw it as an opportunity to venture into the virtual assistance world. She was able to further develop her marketing skills when she got a chance to work for 2 US clients as a digital marketing assistant. Kate is now an executive assistant at LabCoat Agents. Her areas of focus are email newsletters, development and admin tasks.

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