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Talking About the Settlement: What’s Next

Join industry experts Tristan Ahumada and Anthony Lamacchia as they discuss the implications of the recent settlement and what it means for the future. Learn about market impacts, changes in industry practices, and strategies for adaptation.

Tuesday, June 11, 10AM PT /1PM ET | Register

Social Media Masterclass

If you don’t have a social media presence in 2024, you’re going to get left behind. Join our social media experts in this cant miss masterclass as we dive deep into the easiest way to get started on social media without the time commitment.
You’ll learn effective strategies from leading experts that are proven to improve your social media presence! Plus get exclusive offers on  ocial Media AI tools that create images and captions for busy real estate pros!
In this webinar, we’ll cover:
– How to build a social media presence
– Expert tips on creating pictures and captions
– Exclusive offer and access to social media AI tools
Wednesday, June 12, 9AM PT / 12PM ET | Register

The Team Advantage: Why Real Estate Teams Will Dominate Post NAR Ruling

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the industry right now, but one thing we know for sure is that real estate teams have a competitive edge. Post NAR ruling, this advantage could be greatly magnified! Join us June 12th at 10:30pm PT/1:30pm ET as Robert Lucido Jr, CSO of Lucido Global, and the LCA crew show you why real estate teams are uniquely positioned to thrive in this new environment, leveraging their collective expertise, efficiencies, and resources. Whether you’re a solo agent evaluating a new team, or a team leader looking to better position your value, you’ll want to tune in as Robert shares his expertise and actionable tips for how to fully leverage the real estate “Team Advantage”.
Wednesday, June 12, 10:30AM PT / 1:30AM ET | Register

How to Assume A Loan using a second mortgage?

The discussion will focus on the burning question of how to obtain a second mortgage during an assumption purchase. Many buyers who seek to purchase a home with an assumable loan ultimately get frustrated because they don’t have enough cash to cover the down payment (aka cash gap) that is required.  This webinar will address those concerns and provide helpful information for agents to better serve their clients.

Thursday, June 13, 10:30AM PT / 1:30PM ET | Register

30 Day Social Media Lead Gen Blitz

You’ll walk away from this engaging webinar with a blueprint for the next 30 days of exactly what to do through social media to elevate your lead generation efforts, add quality leads to your list, boost your engagement, build up your following and most importantly understand the simple and repeatable system behind this process so that you can add it to your business model going forward.

Monday, June 17, 2024, 10am PT / 1pm ET |  Register

Becoming Your Clients’ Home Wealth Advisor for More Repeat Business and Referrals

In this changing market, retaining clients for the long term is the easiest way to ensure you have the basis for business growth. Our guest on this webinar is Scott Langmack, the COO of Kukun, a company pioneering agent long term value systems. This webinar will discuss the key areas that agents can serve their clients to move from being seen as a transaction person to a long term advisor. We will cover keeping up with changing home values, how renovations and repairs impact home value, tracking neighborhood construction and sales activity, and more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 10am PT / 1pm ET Register

Social Media without the Time Commitment

 Every agent needs to have a social media presence in 2024, but social media is SO TIME CONSUMING.
How do we fix that? We have the answer!
Join us to learn how to use the latest AI tools to create pictures and captions that automatically post to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X! Ensuring you post QUALITY content FAST.
So you can get back to being a real estate pro, not a social media manager!
In this webinar, we’ll cover:
– How to save time and automate social media
– Common Social Media mistakes and how to avoid them
– How to create pictures and captions in bulk using AI
– Exclusive offer and access to social media AI tools
Wednesday, June 19, 9AM PT / 12PM ET | Register

Seller leads on Demand

Do you need seller leads, where you want them, and when you want them? zBuyer has a turn key system that can start producing you seller leads, immediately after you activate your subscription. With a lead replacement system, monthly lead count guarantees and more zBuyer should be in your list of tools to grow your business and increase production in 2024.

Wednesday, June 19, 10AM PT / 1PM ET | Register