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— by Chime Team

4 Tips to Make Switching Your CRM System Easy (and Profitable!)

Some have said switching from one CRM system to another is worse than divorce. That’s understandable as not every CRM company is created equal, and even though legally agents and brokers own all the data within those systems, not every vendor wants to give it up! Luckily, Chime is not like every other CRM provider. […]...

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— by Showingly

Introducing The Ecosystem of Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of multiple complexities, each of which ties into one another, affecting the progression, growth, and success of the deal. If you don’t have the proper strategy and supporting tools...

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— by Follow Up Boss

How Real Estate Chatbots Can Nurture Leads From Lukewarm To Hot

This article was originally posted on the Follow Up Boss blog When a potential buyer is looking for a new place to live or a seller is considering offloading their home, they want immediate answers — for these consumers, the concept of “responding too fast” simply doesn’t exist. But in an era when real estate […]...

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— by REDX

Circle Prospecting Scripts for a Low Inventory Market

Agents who know how to recognize, respond, and adapt to changing markets are the ones who last. With inventory and interest rates at an all-time low, you should be adjusting what you say on the phone to land appointments and take listings. Keep reading to discover X creative scripts to find and take listings in […]...

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