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3 Tips For A Routine That Reaps Real Estate Results

Why is a routine so important?

As a real estate agent, you’re a business owner. You are in control of what happens to your business. Which is why establishing a consistent routine is crucial to making sure you do the right activities at the right time. Having a routine helps create positive daily habits that can impact your business tremendously. 

Too many agents skip this important step when they get into the business. They don’t form important daily habits and eventually find themselves wondering why they can’t get listings. Use these tips to set your routine that will help you be intentional about your business. 

1. Have a morning routine

As a real estate professional, you can’t always control what happens during your day. What you can control are healthy habits that promote a positive mindset starting the second you get out of bed. REDX power agent Kent Brown, who has an annual GCI of around $500k, uses a strict morning schedule to set up his day for maximum momentum.

Here’s what Kent Brown’s morning routine looks like:

Going through each of these steps in the morning guarantees you start the day on the right foot and prepares you to prospect like a pro.

2. Block out time for lead generation

If you don’t block out time in your calendar to generate leads and prospect, you may never do it. And if you’re a new agent, lead generation is the most important thing you can do to fill your pipeline. A lot of top-producing agents block out 2 hours in the morning with the sole purpose of calling leads, reaching out on social media, or following up with prospects. 

If you generate leads for two hours a day, you will never have to worry about where your next listing is coming from. Agents who fail in their first few years of real estate spend very little time on lead generation leaving them low on listings. 

3. Stay disciplined

The whole purpose of a routine is to help you do the activities that matter, motivate you to stay on track of your goals, and avoid distractions. When was the last time you picked up your phone and before you knew it, an hour had passed? When you keep to your routine, you are less likely to fall into unnecessary time-wasters.

Set your routine to push you towards success and stay disciplined. It’s easy to waver off track and forget to do the things that matter. Use your routine as a tool to help you stay focused.  

Take a look at these top-producer’s schedules to help you get an idea of a routine that reaps real results.

Invest in your success

Studies show that it takes an average of 66 days to fully adopt a new habit or routine. So if you’re going to adopt any of the advice given in this blog, we recommend making a three-month commitment to solidify it as part of your daily schedule. Set a new goal today: commit to a routine that will drastically improve your mindset, conversations, and client satisfaction.  

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