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— by Hana LaRock

When Big Companies Need Even Bigger Places to Operate

Over the last year or so, the real estate market has seen a gradual decline in residential housing construction. While this has been somewhat worrisome for people who work in the industry, others have gone about their business, looking for bigger fish to fry. And, speaking of bigger, while residential housing construction is going down, […]...

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— by Sevin Murdock

1..2..3..Simple Tips To Facebook Live

The average American sees anywhere from 4,000-10,000 advertisements per day (1). While our senses are bombarded with over 11 million bits of data every second, we can only expect an average person’s working me...

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— by Raymon Lacy

Press Play: The Marketing Strategy You Can’t Ignore

Videos are the future – a notion that is backed up by a natural disposition towards flashy visuals (the many sequels to Fast and Furious and Transformers can attest to this). If Michael Bay isn’t your thing, then there are also stats to provide it, courtesy of the renown IT authority – Cisco: “Globally, IP […]...

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— by Hana LaRock

Is Technology Helping Realtors Or Taking Over Their Jobs?

Technology, in many ways, has made life a lot easier for realtors. With resourceful apps, websites and gadgets, it takes realtors a lot less time to gain a lot more leads and close on deals with their clients. However, many are concerned that the technology that has helped realtors do wonders may be the same technology […]...

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