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— by Chime Team

The Tech Tools You Need to Win Part 1 – Traditional Brokerages

Over the past 14 months, traditional brokerages have come to really understand the value of technology and its ability to impact their business. But there are a lot of technology options and understanding which tools are best for your organization can be a daunting task. The innovative team from The Realty Shop in St. Louis, Missouri has […]...

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— by Happy Grasshopper

A Mansion, a Necromancer and a Realtor®

Down a dark lane, in a forgotten corner of town, surrounded by overgrown trees, you will find an old mansion. It’s not as grand as it once was, merely a shadow of its former self. Occasionally, you will see the lights in the windows or a shadow skirting past the front door. No one is […]...

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— by Very Social

How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram That Leads To Leads

For 70 percent of real estate agents, the aim of creating an Instagram page is to create brand awareness. Whether this is your goal or not, we all desire the same thing: more sales. Luckily, there is a science behind social media success.  Firstly—and this is essential—diversify your content. The real estate business is relentless […]...

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