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Lead Generation

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— by John Moscillo

Hunters and Trappers: Lead Generation Explained

When I am meeting with sellers and I explain why they will have the most activity in the first two weeks of their home hitting the market, I explain to them that it is like Hunters and Trappers. At first—when people decide they want to buy—they get pre-approved, then they go on the Hunt. After they have exhausted […]...

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How to Work with Potential Home Sellers

You know the feeling—your phone gets pinged with a referral, and you have every intention of getting back to them ASAP. But you’re in a meeting, or you’re driving, or you’re just about to walk into a meeting with a client and that potential referral ends up added to your database for follow up via “monthly newsletter.”  Well, this ty...

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Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,

— by Jason Walters

#LCAtechtalk: Top Sites for Lead Referrals

There are plenty of lead referral sites out there that you can use to get business. Unlike most of the big lead portals we are familiar with, these don’t charge you anything up front. You only pay a referral fee upon closing one of the leads that you accepted. Here are the top five that […]...

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