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Lead Generation

— by Hana LaRock

5 Easy Tips to Start Door-Knocking Today

In the real estate community, there are a lot of debates about door-knocking. Many argue that in this day in age, knocking on someone’s door in the hopes of attracting another client, simply isn’t worth it. Today, most people do not want someone knocking on their door, even if there are signs that the person […]...

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— by Michael Hellickson

Master the Art of Referrals

Agents invest a lot of time and money in generating referral business, however, many times they drop ball in following up. There are 10 essential things you MUST do when you receive a referral to ensure you get more...

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— by Knolly Williams

Developing the Daily Lead Generation Habit

What is the first and foremost important activity of a successful Listing Specialist? Of course, you already know the answer: lead generation. In ancient times, our forefathers were hunter-gatherers. Back then, people migrated with their food source and hunting for the next meal was not an optional exercise. No matter how scarce the surrounding food [...

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