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— by Michael J. Maher


To go from Relationships to Referrals, you have to ask yourself, am I spending my time in the Informational Zone or the Influential Zone? Have you ever… …had a client go from sold to gone or sold to doubtful when you sent them the paperwork? …wondered why your emails to your database are never opened […]...

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how to get more expired listings

— by Borino Borino

Getting More Expired Listings Part 1

Your coach, Borino, brings us Part 1 of how to get Expired Listings with Lab Coat Agents co-founder Tristan Ahumada. In this first video Borino discusses first approach, follow-up, conversion, and turning expired ...

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— by John Moscillo

Ignore Haters

Going For It This article is going to get real, there will be no sugar or artificial sweetener included. This is inspired by my own journey and also watching my friends Tristan and Nick on theirs. I know firsthand t...

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— by CC Underwood

I’m Going To Start A Real Estate Team

“I’m getting my real estate license and I’m going to start a team”.   These are the words I so often hear from new and newer real estate agents. It’s the new shiny object, the new get rich quick (so they...

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— by Dale Archdekin

Are You Ready To Hire An Inside Sales Agent?

What is an ISA, and why should you hire one? An ISA is an Inside Sales Agent.  I explain the role of ISAs to my clients in terms beyond the general view of appointment setters or lead scrubbers—ISAs are skilled real estate professionals who are highly trained, skilled and dedicated to their craft in the […]...

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— by Gayle Zientek

Referral Business: Three Questions That Will Change Your Life

Let’s talk relationships and referral business. This article is written for those who would rather work by referral.  I’ll share some tips I’ve learned over the years, but first I have a few questions for you. First question … How much money is one referral worth to you?  No right or wrong answer here.  Think […]...

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real estate leads

— by Lab Coat Agents


We created Radio and Digital (RAD) to guide top real estate agents through the increasingly complex and constantly evolving world of personal brand marketing. Your personal brand may be your most powerful asset, but unfortunately, for most agents, one that is rarely leveraged. RAD’s mission is to help you bring your personal brand to life […]...

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