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Real Estate Social Media Marketing: Low-Cost Lead Generation

While every agent knows they need it, just the idea of getting started with social media marketing stops many in their tracks – overwhelmed by the possibilities and stunted by preconceived barriers to entry.

But social media is an effective and affordable lead-generation tool, and its relevance is only going to increase.  Consider this. If your target buyers are between the ages of 35-55, remind yourself that 32% of them are on social media at least 30 mins a day.  How can you capitalize on this dedicated attention? 

The Value Of Social Media For Generating Leads

Our own Stuart Sim, VP, of Industry Development, sat down with Tristan recently to talk about the value of social media in generating leads for increased business.  While overwhelming, if you overlook this essential marketing channel you are missing out on a huge opportunity to fuel your pipeline and extend and enrich your sphere of influence. 

Here are Stuart’s top 5 recommendations on how to make social media an asset in your arsenal of business development tools:

1. Become a Local Resource

Many agents do themselves a disservice by only posting listings across social channels.  While these should be part of the content mix, successful agents incorporate meaningful local content to position themselves as a valued resource beyond real estate.  Offering insight on local events, restaurants, neighborhoods, schools, etc. encourages folks to follow, knowing they will gain the inside
scoop on all things local. 

This will not only help you build out your sphere of influence but help the community get to know you and build trust over.

2. Always Be Camera Ready

Video is a critical element to engagement and helps diversify the nature of your content. Don’t be afraid to take video of a new listing, an open house, a great new park, or local business. Your followers will appreciate an opportunity to get to know you better and are more likely to then comment, like, and share your posts! 

Adding a dynamic, personal layer to your social presence helps to differentiate from the status quo and build your local presence more quickly. 

3. Cheering Squad

Let your fans do the talking for you! Capture and share positive testimonies from past clients to help build trust among your target audience. As consumers, we want to hear from people like us so incorporate the client voice across your social channels whenever you can to emphasize the unique value you bring to your clients.

4. Data Drives Strategy

Leverage built-in analytics to help guide a strategic marketing plan. Review to understand not only how many people view your posts but which posts do the best, which content resonates with followers, how long are they spending on your page, where is the highest level of engagement, what time of day performs best, etc? 

With a clear understanding of which posts work effectively and when, you can better plan for and schedule meaningful posts regularly to maintain a healthy cadence of relevant content.

5. Be Consistent!

No matter what, once you start on this journey you can’t slow down. As you build greater awareness, your followers will come to expect a regular cadence of content and we all know how fickle attention spans can be should your posts start to wane. While this requires dedication, there are valuable tools available to support you in this journey. 

Chime’s Social Studio – a fully automated social media management tool designed specifically for agents – is a great example of how technology can be effective in automating the process and ensuring a regular cadence of content.

As we approach a new year, consider how you can embrace social media to effectively fuel the pipeline, build your business, and enhance your local brand for long-term success.

Learn more about how Chime can help you power up your social media marketing. 

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