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Start Thinking “Video First”

Quick! You just got a big update about a transaction you need to share with a client. Do you text them a summary? Send an email? Shoot them a call? OR record a video message?

One of these is clearly better for the customer than the others. So you should use it! So, which is it? The video message of course! Humans retain more information from a video than text or a call. They understand emotion from a video much better. Their brain even feels like they just had a face-to-face chat with you. That’s a major customer service improvement for most agents.

If you think “video first” you’ll skip straight to the video message. You’ll likely find yourself sharing video all day too. It becomes your default way to communicate after a while!

Think about the impact you’d feel in your business after the shift. Each message, email, or text you send would have more effect, would be better understood, and you’d rarely have to repeat yourself. Just the time and hassle you’d save would be worth the effort, but the extra business you’ll attract makes it even more worthwhile!

Sending video messages as a realtor

So, why haven’t more agents already made this adjustment? They’ve built video into a bigger challenge in their minds than it needs to be. Rather than thinking of all the tiny ways they can implement video into their day-to-day work, they think of complicated social media videos and get intimidated. It makes sense because that’s what you see.

You can see the fancy videos other agents make that go viral. You DON’T see the video messages they send.

Rather than jumping straight into complicated marketing videos, start with simple birthday video messages. They are easy to make, low pressure, and often lead to more business coming from your SOI in a matter of weeks!

The practice you’ll get from sending a handful every week will make you more comfortable on camera very quickly too. Then, you can expand to sending video messages in other situations, eventually making it your default option!

Once you start to see video messaging as a normal thing you do, expand your efforts to other forms. Start to replace yourself with video! Record your FAQs, record training for employees or referral partners, use video on your website, and rack your brain for anywhere else you can use it. You’ll start to save more time than you thought possible while also growing your business consistently.

Thinking “video first” is a gradual shift, but once it sets in you’ll find yourself discovering new ways to use it all the time. As you communicate more effectively you’ll start getting excited to do it more. In a matter of months you’ll be asking yourself how you waited so long to make the switch! So, the next time you have an update to share with a client, send a video message and see what happens!


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