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How To Generate More Motivated Seller Leads For Your Real Estate Business

Looking for new ways to generate motivated seller leads? It is important to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy so that you can effectively generate leads and convert them into clients.

Find out how Chime’s omnichannel approach to lead generation can help you find potential sellers.

Chime Takes A Multi-Channel Approach To Lead Generation

At Chime, we take a multi-channel approach to lead generation. Rather than simply running 1:1 ad campaigns on your behalf, our marketing team works closely with customers to understand their goals and budget. We then craft a custom marketing strategy that employs multiple campaigns and advertising programs, all working together to engage prospects at different points throughout their journey. 

Harness the power of our Paid Advertising Services in conjunction with free powerful add-ons like Comparative Market Analysis Reports and Social Media Automation with Chime’s Seller Lead Gen Package.

It’s all part of our Multi Channel Lead Acquisition approach where we combine three key elements:

Paid Advertising Services:

Google and Bing ads fully managed and optimized by our team so you can stay focused on closing.

Comparative Market Analysis Reports:

Branded, comprehensive and interactive CMA reports to provide to potential sellers that will set you apart and help you win the listing.

Social Studio:

Our social media marketing innovation automates your social media channels with ready to use templates and auto posting features based on MLS status.

If you are looking for new ways to generate seller leads, consider Chime’s new Seller Lead Gen package.

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