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7x7x7x7 – Until Contact Is Made

The idea behind this is to touch people 7 times in the first 7 business hours, and 7 times the following 7 days, and 7 times in the next 7 weeks, then finally 7 times in the following 7 months after that.

I know it may seem to be a little too much, but if you think about it and read through it, it’s not really excessive because you are only continuing Section 1 and 2 (See Below) if you aren’t able to get a hold of the client. Usually you are able to get a hold of the client by the third day. By day 3, you will reach approximately 50 percent of the leads with this method.

Adjust As Needed

Feel free to tweak it and change it up to make fewer touches or more touches. Use this as a base to create a system for touching your leads and nurturing your clients. You can make it a 3x3x3x3 or a 6x6x6x6 or a 3x6x4x9. Mix it up and make it work for you.

Once a person is reached you can skip to section 3 and touch them weekly and then monthly. Don’t be scared of the process. You can easily automate most of this with companies like Agent Legend, which provides an automated system to drop Voicemails, Texts, Emails, Video Texts and Video Emails. You can continue the follow-up drip after contact has been made with companies like Lion Desk and FollowupBoss. In a previous article about texting, we went over what texts to use – 40 Texts To Use.

Newsletters are a little trickier, but using a company like Lion Desk can solve that issue. Emma Marketing, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are other Email Newsletter companies you can use.

So here’s what I just started running. I tweak it often, but this is the most current one.

*Day 1 (First 7 Hours, First 7 Touches)*

Immediately place everyone in a property drip by email. 

Immediate – Call x 2 if no pick up – Sometimes people don’t pick up the first call, but will wonder why you are calling back so quickly. No Message. (Touches 1 and 2)

Immediate – VM Drop (Touch 3)

5 Minutes – Text – Initial Text is important. For portal leads like Realtor.com and Zillow leads, you may want to send the text out in Minute 1 instead of Minute 5. (Touch 4)

10 Minutes – Email (Touch 5)

45 Minutes – Nudge Text – Many times leads are busy when you first attempt contact. This text serves as a reminder to them, “Please let me know so I know what homes to send your way.” (Touch 6)

2 Hours – Video Message – Saying hello and sorry you missed them. (Touch 7)

*Day 2-8 (7 Touches in the Next 7 Days)*

Day 2 – 12pm Text – Sorry we weren’t able to connect (Touch 1)

Day 3 – 6pm – VM Drop (Touch 2)

Day 4 – 9am – Email (Touch 3)

Day 4 – 6pm – Text (Touch 4)

Day 5 – 11am – Call, but no Message (Touch 5)

Day 6 – Nothing – Take a break, you deserve it

Day 7 – 5pm – Text – Ask if they want to see any of the homes you found for them (Video Text is preferred). (Touch 6)

Day 8 – 8am – Email (Touch 7)

*Week 2-8 (7 More Touches – Once a Week for 7 Weeks)*

Contacted Buyers that Need Nurturing Will Start with these 7 Touches and Move Forward

Week 2 – Email Newsletter (Touch 1)

Week 3 – 9am – Drop VM to let them know if the RE Market is healthy or not healthy. (Touch 2)

Week 4 – 6pm – Text to let them know you have homes that are off the market and ask if they have any questions. (Touch 3)

Week 5 – Video Email – Say hello and stay in touch by offering free home inspection if they buy or sell. (Touch 4)

Week 6 – Email Newsletter (Touch 5)

Week 7 – Text – Video Text to remind them that you can help with running free credit reports and that you are here to help. (Touch 6)

Week 8 – 12pm – Drop VM – Open houses are fun to see so you know what’s out there. Let me know if you want me send you a link to take a look at what’s out this coming weekend. (Touch 7)

*Month 3-9 (7 Touches in 7 Months)*

Contact in addition to the property drip they are getting 

Month 3 – Newsletter and Text (Touch 1)

Month 4 – Newsletter and VM (Touch 2)

Month 5 – Newsletter and Email (Touch 3)

Month 6 – Newsletter and Call (Touch 4)

Month 7 – Newsletter and Video Text (Touch 5)

Month 8 – Newsletter and VM Drop (Touch 6)

Month 9 – Newsletter and Video Email (Touch 7)

Before you apply any drip campaigns, be sure to run it by your broker and check the state laws to make sure you are within the law.


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