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Want to Grow Amid the Market Correction? Revisit Your Seller Leads Strategy

The one constant you can count on in real estate is the ever changing market. Following the COVID-driven boom, the market has recently corrected itself and real estate pros now are contending with low inventory and higher interest rates.

While this dynamic is a challenge for all, the teams and brokerages that are still pushing ahead and looking to close deals are the ones that will continue to ride out the evolving market conditions and remain well-positioned for the future. How are they doing it? By focusing on seller leads. 

Consider The Market’s Current Circumstances

Higher interest rates aren’t just affecting buyers, but sellers as well. Rapid fire bidding wars and quick sales have all but dissipated. That means real estate pros need to reset seller expectations while assuring these clients that it is actually still worth selling!

Serving as the sellers key source of information and providing much-needed market education is critical. By keeping your seller leads up to date with current sales in the area, even when they’re not actively looking to sell, this group of potential clients will feel empowered to raise their hand and reach out when they are ready.

Chime recently introduced a new Listing Bundle that empowers seller leads to take action.

Featuring custom-branded, dynamic CMA’s with real-time MLS data, prospects will know why you’re the best choice for their listing.

A Customizable & Branded CMA

Chime’s customizable and branded CMA’s provide an interactive way for clients and prospects to engage and include comprehensive and accurate real-time MLS data.

It also includes marketing action plans that showcase the step-by-step process of selling a home and features intelligent pricing models that can help compare home prices for potential buyers.

The bundle also includes Custom Home Reports which keeps homeowners informed about the value of their home and ensures you and your team stay top of mind when they’re ready to pull the trigger and list.

Your team can create custom nurture emails specific to seller leads, leverage our home valuation tool to showcase a client’s current selling and buying power, and even offer personalized financial comparison data.

Agents that double down on technology and leverage it to work for them, uncovering those hard to find seller leads, will be able to fill their pipeline with high-intent opportunities – even as the market continues to evolve.

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