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Want to Dominate Your Local Market in 2023? It’s Time for Modern Geo-Farming

Geo-farming is a valuable tool for many real estate professionals, but in today’s competitive market you need to do more than simply blanket a neighborhood with mailers.

What if you could combine geo-farming technology with deeper insights to better understand how to market to a specific neighborhood? With Chime’s latest release of a new Geographic Farming feature, you can!

Our Geographic Farming innovation is fully integrated into the Chime platform. It combines local market intelligence with AI-powered marketing automation to help real estate professionals dominate their local market and do so cost-effectively.

By providing a better understanding of where to invest your marketing resources and how you are gaining market share, agents and teams can then automate targeted nurturing campaigns to drive more conversions. 

As Tristian Ahumada noted during a recent webinar, with this capability, “You’ve identified the audience, and are speaking to that audience, so you’re going to have better results and convert at a higher level because you know exactly who you’re talking to.”

Our Geo-Farming Capability Enables Real Estate Professionals To:

  • Clearly identify areas of opportunity, potential sales volume, and GCI
  • Focus marketing dollars on the highest potential neighborhoods
  • Track engagement and leads by either text or QR code
  • Leverage Chime Smart Plans and automations based on lead engagement
  • Compare their progress versus competitors – and within their own teams – as market share is gained

Want to learn how Geo-Farming can help you dominate your local market in 2023?

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