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How to Ease Your Follow Up Burden with AI

The sales process is rarely a straight line. Across industries, it often takes between seven and 12 touches to convert a prospect. Just ONE prospect. Realtors in particular bear a heavy follow up burden. How do you know when too much is in fact too much? How do you know when to leave a prospect alone and when to reengage? More often than not, real estate professionals second guess themselves for fear or “bothering” someone or coming across as “annoying” which threatens the very nature of the relationship and the outcome.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Artificial Intelligence can take the guesswork out of this process. During our latest webinar, “New Updates to Chime’s AI Assistant,” Tristan and Randy Carroll discuss how AI can ease the follow up burden and help agents zero in on the prospects most likely to convert.

As Tristan noted, we need to stop thinking that AI = automation. AI is like a mini brain thinking through all the possible scenarios; it helps you to pick the right scenario, follow up, and bring to close. That’s the beauty of machine learning. There’s no more need to second guess when and how you approach a prospect.
With Chime’s technology, the system can review all the data and the responses, analyze which have the best response rate, and use that to direct agents to the hottest leads. It continuously learns, through real life interactions across the entire Chime database, which conversations and interactions are the most promising. In short, Chime’s powerful AI system tells you which leads you need to call today.
When real estate professionals are focused on the leads with the highest propensity to close, they can move leads through the conversion funnel more quickly and drive conversions.
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