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Want new sellers? Then you need new, predictive solutions

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with SmartZip. 

For decades, smart agents have used location-based farming to build up foolproof listing operations. Farming was, and is, the #1 way that agents can become a local listing legend.

But don’t worry. I’m not here to tell you to head back to the post office or to lick the backs of dozens of envelopes.

I’m here to show you how you can automate 90 percent of what you know as “farming,” and optimize the heck out of the 10 percent you’ll still handle personally. I’m here to talk about a smarter way to farm.

It starts with seller predictions.

SmartTargeting’s smart farming system starts by predicting homeowners who are most likely to sell in the next 6-12 months. These top prospects will be the primary focus of your farming efforts.

The process of predicting sellers is super complicated and run by algorithms that can churn through more data in five seconds than a human could in a month. These predictive engines mine massive local data sets to find common seller triggers in the area.

Then, they spit out a list of predicted sellers in YOUR target area — whether that be a subdivision, larger neighborhood or from your own CRM of personal contacts. And that’s when you can get to work.

Next, you target your top prospects.

Remember, I promised you’d be able to farm without setting foot in a post office? Well, SmartTargeting makes good on that promise.

The system’s automated marketing platform has hundreds of marketing campaigns you can send to your predicted sellers with just a click. So whether you are hoping to engage starter home owners in the Pacific Northwest or luxury brownstone dwellers in Washington D.C., you’ll find marketing to match your niche.

And while mailers are a great way to guarantee you’re hitting all your predicted seller prospects, you can also leverage online ads that target your prospects wherever they search online.

Get qualified sellers who are ready to list.

Each marketing campaign spurs homeowners into action on a branded, seller-focused landing page that captures their information.

When your predicted sellers convert on these landing pages, you can request that an inside sales agent (ISA) call these potential leads to determine their selling timeline.

And if they are ready to list, your ISA will alert you that it’s time to set up a listing appointment — before any competitors can get to them.

Follow up one-on-one (because it works).

Remember the 10 percent of traditional farming work I said you’d need to take on? Here’s where it comes in. While some predicted sellers may convert on your landing pages, others might withhold contact until YOU get in touch directly.

SmartTargeting’s CheckIn app reminds you to get in touch with those shy, but likely, sellers in your area. By following the automated alerts, you stay on top of your outreach without spending hours a day calling, texting and emailing every random contact in your farm or sphere of influence.

And don’t worry about the pain of tracking your calls or emails. CheckIn will log your progress in just a few taps and remind you to stay in touch over time until you land the sale.

Is predictive analytics really the future?

Nope. As this super-recent Forbes article states, predictive analytics is happening NOW and soon, technology will move past predictive analytics and into artificial intelligence. In many companies and industries, predictive analytics already dictates every single consequential decision that’s made.

But don’t worry. Real estate agents aren’t necessarily behind the curve. Real estate was, is, and will remain a people-first industry; analytics and automation can’t replace every single thing an agent does. That’s why agents need a technology partner that promises to synthesize data, leverage it in unique and impactful ways… and then get out of the way when it comes time to build the human connection that will drive the transaction.

And quite simply, that’s why agents need SmartTargeting.


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