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Three Tips to Turn Lead Generation into Client Conversion

When it comes to the topic of leads, much of the emphasis in the real estate industry revolves around lead generation and acquisition.

According to recent findings from the National Association of Realtors®, nearly 50% of Realtors® cite social media as their top lead generating technology tool. That may be why you often hear so much buzz about pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Facebook and the like.

They bring the leads in, but do they close the deal?

If you’ve had recent experience with these tools, you know the answer is likely not so clear cut. It’s not the fault of the tool per se but rather the process. Did you know that it takes between eight to 10 touches before a lead will even engage with you?

While amassing leads is clearly a critical piece of the puzzle, nurturing them further through your pipeline is where the real value — and the real work — begins! Let’s a take a look at three things that require further consideration as you move from lead generation to lead conversion.

1. Market Awareness

How old is your business? Have you been executing marketing campaigns? Do people recognize you and your brand?

More often than not, potential clients will conduct a cursory Google search to learn more about you. Organic ads may pop up and perhaps they click and end up on your web site.

Will they offer up information on their housing search and fill in that new customer form? Maybe, but maybe not. But they are more likely to do so if they know who you are. Remember buying a house is a big, bold commitment and often the single largest investments people will make! Just because they clicked on the Google PPC ad does not mean they will do business with you. Do what you can to build a groundswell of awareness.

Consider geofencing campaigns to target specific neighborhoods; test out various social media channels and publish content that is not just a running list of new home listings; incorporate drip campaigns that center on community events and activities. Collectively these elements can bolster your local market awareness and help you build your brand.

2. Database Management

Once you’ve got the leads in your CRM system and you’ve started to build some external awareness it’s time to take a more focused approach and warm up those leads.

Chime makes it easy to do with three key features – property alerts, a market report via the comparative market analysis (CMS) tool, and then our most popular feature, Smart Plans. Collectively, these three elements can not only help you save time but dramatically improve your conversion rate as they are tried and true tactics to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. 

3. Retargeting

Retargeting is just a fancy way of saying we’re going back to the same group of leads in the CRM system and offering something new and different. It’s a critical yet underutilized element in any lead nurturing exercise. 

Remember unresponsive leads aren’t dead leads. Just because they weren’t ready to buy when first approached, doesn’t mean they aren’t ready now. Retargeting is a proven strategy that can uncover new opportunities from existing leads and deliver a successful response rate. 

Retargeting is especially great for branded ad campaigns. By generating ads that are customized to your brand and active listings, prospects can be quickly retargeted with the same ad after their initial click. Integrated with Chime’s IDX and AI assistant, these ads are a great way to get back in front of people and stay top of mind.

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