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The 7 Best Real Estate Apps of 2022

As a real estate agent, it’s important to have a strong online presence. In addition to having a well-designed website, it’s also important to have a robust social media strategy. However, one of the most important tools in your digital arsenal is your smartphone.

These days, there are literally thousands of real estate apps available for iOS and Android devices. So, which ones should you be using in 2022?

Here are 7 of the top real estate apps for agents:

CRM Apps

A CRM app is a must-have for any real estate agent. It allows you to keep track of your clients, leads, and prospects. It also helps you stay organized and efficient.

1. Chime

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chime’s award-winning operating system for the real estate industry integrates all the critical components agents and brokers needed to generate, capture, and nurture leads to close. Featuring a fully integrated IDX website, backend CRM system and intelligent multi-channel marketing services – from live streaming to chatbots – Chime empowers brokers with the technology automation they need to drive conversions today.

2. BoomTown

BoomTown is one CRM that was built from the ground-up with realtors in mind, featuring next-level lead generation, including a website and ad campaign builder.


3. RPR

We love Realtors Property Resource, or RPR, especially the mobile app. You can perform quick and easy CMAs on the go. We always get asked the same question by potential buyers in the field, “What is this property worth?” and there’s no possible way a real estate agent can know all of the values all of the time. Now RPR takes care of that for you. It’s the best app to have when you are showing properties. As soon as you arrive at the next showing, you have all the listing details at the touch of a button.

Document App

4. Dotloop

Dotloop is a dedicated transaction management solution for real estate agents that allows them to exchange a large amount of paperwork in a digital, mobile format. We love that Dotloop is targeted at real estate brokers, agents, and teams. It allows them to be able to edit forms, eSign, collaborate, and automate compliance within a mobile platform.

Social Media Management App

5. Buffer

A marketing app helps you promote your listings and build brand awareness. It’s a great way to reach new clients and grow your business. For this, we recommend Buffer.

Real estate agents who are constantly on the go but need to maintain their online presence and activity in order to keep the lead funnel full can benefit greatly from Buffer. Buffer is a godsend if you’re a busy agent or team leader trying to manage several social media accounts: it allows you to create posts, analyze data, and interact with your followers.

By mapping out, creating, and having all your social posts automatically uploaded, you free up a lot of valuable time so you can focus on your clients and the bottom line. It’s one of our best apps for real estate agents.

Prospecting App


REDX is a software company that provides real estate agents with the highest quality homeowner lead data through our Vortex® prospecting platform. They empower agents to acquire and manage new clients while they develop sustainable growth and reliable business strategies.

Business App

7. Calendly

A business app is a must-have for any real estate agent. It helps you schedule appointments and stay organized.

Calendly can be a complete game-changer for your real estate business. It can save you time with clients trying to sync up on their calendar versus yours for showings and listing appointments. Get more efficient with your systems with Calendly. It will allow you to send out a link to your clients, and then have them book the time that works on their schedule, but also works on yours. Calendly is both web-based and an app. You hook it up to whatever calendar program that you use, whether it’s Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple.

These are just a few examples of the many apps that are available to real estate agents. With so many options available, it’s important to choose the right ones for your business. Talk to other agents and find out what apps they use. And be sure to read reviews before downloading any app. By taking advantage of the latest technology, you can make your real estate business more efficient and successful.


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