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Plan Your Social Media Strategy In 2022

For the seventh year in a row, the new year is forecasted to have more buyers than homes; this is clearly nothing new, but it’s worth noting when lots of buyers are feeling ambivalent about the current market. It means it’s your time to share all your live listings, listings in contract, reduced price listings, and your sold properties too, so your potential clients know you’re thriving. Although the economy still has some work to do, the outlook for 2022 is better than 2021 and with this comes ad spending, meaning your competition is going to be promoting themselves too. If you start promoting your portfolio of listings now, you’ll be in front of 99% millennials, who begin their search for a home online-and not with in-person referrals like they did 5 years ago. Alongside your listings, monthly market updates are the perfect way to provide insight into the current market in your area. Market updates are beneficial for possible buyers and potential partners will look to you as someone with authority in the industry, which will work in your favor long-term. 

Small businesses will be making a comeback in 2022, and you have the power to help them prosper, whilst sharing your knowledge of what your area has to offer. People don’t just purchase a property, they purchase a lifestyle. Make videos, reels, stories, and content out of your knowledge of local bars, dog parks, views, boutique shops, and most importantly, events. The scheduled return of live events midway through the year will create hotspots that your clients may want to be a large part of-or far away from, depending on your demographic. Don’t forget to tag, tag, and tag, the more people you tag in your content the higher the chance that it will be shared, and free advertising is never something to turn down.

If you’re really ready to stand out, now is the time to inject humor into your content. You will have seen memes and jokes marketed in other industries, but in the real estate business, it’s a relatively new concept. Get ahead of the curve with comedy that makes light of the industry-this will make you relatable to other agents, and more approachable to your audience. If you don’t feel ready to start being brazenly humorous infeed, start with your stories; they’ll disappear in 24 hours and you can get progressively more fun as your confidence grows-you’ll be “punstoppable” in no time.

2020 has been a year of adjustment for most businesses, and with more free time on the public’s hands, everyone has turned to social media for connection. It is now more crucial than ever that you evaluate your brand over the past year, and work out what can be improved. A great way to see what is and isn’t working for your brand is through questions in your Instagram stories. Get feedback on your photos, copy, and website with questions like “What content would you like to see more of?” and “Do you prefer my professional or my personal content?” To get more responses, create ‘yes or no’ questions that people can simply click to answer. The responses can then help you form your strategy for 2022.

Want to start planning, but don’t have the tools? Let Very Social create your social media strategy with a complimentary audit. Our team will analyze your current strategy and help you envision a new one for 2022, with usable tips, insights, and ideas that will elevate your brand to the next level.

VerySocial is a creative social media agency and strategic partner for entrepreneurs and brands with a focus on real estate. Very Social elevates our client’s brand on Instagram through content creation, calendar management, and growing your account so you can focus on running your business and closing sales.

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