Mar 20, 2019 by - Michael Hellickson

How to Run a Daily Team Huddle

Real estate teams today suffer from a number of challenges including inefficient use of time, poor communications, weak or little culture, and lack of accountability and tracking.   

The good news is that these challenges can be easily solved with the implementation of a Daily Team Huddle. Watch as your productivity and profits increase with a simple 20 – 30 minute phone call or in-person meeting each day.  

Major Benefits of the Daily Team Huddle 

  • Streamline communications with team members (including the team leader). 
  • Provide daily motivation, training, and accountability with the entire team. 
  • It’s a MUST that all team members attend. No exceptions.  
  • Hold your huddle early in the morning. We find that 7:30AM is the most effective time.  

Holding your team huddle on a daily basis is crucial to reducing daily interruptions for the team leader, administrative staff, listing and buyer agents, and the entire team!  

If you stop to think about it, throughout the day, the team leader, and especially the administrative staff, are constantly interrupted with tasks and questions that aren’t absolutely critical to that moment. The majority of these questions and concerns can wait until the following day’s team huddle. 


Another major plus! The Daily Team Huddle also helps everyone start the day on time. If you host the huddle every morning at the same time, you ensure that your team is up and ready to go for the day. 


What you will do with all that extra time finally liberated from unnecessary calls? Let your team members know how you will be handling unnecessary interruptions. They should ask the following questions in order to decide whether to interrupt your time: 


  1. Is this an emergency, or can it wait until our Daily Team Huddle tomorrow? 
  1. If it can wait, add it to Trello (or your preferred organization system) so it can be discussed on the Daily Team Huddle tomorrow? 


Daily Team Huddle Agenda 

Having an agenda is critical to the team huddle’s success. The agenda should highlight what is going on in the business, and to bring up questions, concerns and great things that are happening so everyone is on the same page!  


Agenda Suggestions:  

  • Announce any big wins. 
  • Open discussion for updates, questions, or concerns. 
  • New clients announcements, not pending yet. 
  • Buyer agency agreements recently signed. 
  • Recent offers written up. 
  • New open escrow. 
  • Role-play and small training sessions as time allows (or pick a specific day/time for team training during huddle). 
  • Discuss team member wants/needs. 

Your Daily Team Huddle doesn’t have to be long. A 30-minute call or in-person meeting at the beginning of your day is strongly suggested.   

When doing this, the results are remarkable! This will ultimately lead to your time being worth more. As your DPH (dollars per hour) are rising, you are becoming more efficient with your time and inevitably working less. As the team leader, when you are making more per hour, so is your team!  


If you are building a team or currently on a team, implementing a Daily Team Huddle is the single most important thing you can do to improve the culture on your team.   




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