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Real Estate Showings: The Future of Predictive Market Analytics

Let’s talk about real estate showings!

To us, showings are the most important part of the home buying process. Conducting showings is not only an opportunity for agents to connect more deeply with their clients, but in most cases, it is the exact moment when clients decide they want to buy a home or not.

Let’s call showings the point of sale in the home buying process. So if showings are the point of sale of the home buying process, then that would mean showings are lead indicators into the health of the real estate market. 

The problem we often hear though is that there is not enough, or any, LIVE showing data being shared to be able to make better business decisions off of. We have heard that in some instances the data being shared is often a month to two months behind! Which renders any insights that can be had from that data set useless.

How Brokerage Suite Can Help Real Estate Agents

With Showingly being a showing management tool available in a few markets across the nation, we have heard this time and time again from agents, brokerages, and MLS’s alike.

Hearing the frustration from the industry we decided to take the showing data we have compiled over the years and package it into a tool that provides insights to make better, more informed, decisions. We are calling this decision making tool Brokerage Suite.

The data being provided for this showing analytics tool gives everyone something they can use to make their business grow. Agents can use this data to provide better expectations for sellers as to roughly how many showings they can expect before going under contract given the current market conditions.

Brokerages can use the showing data to see when the market activity is slowing down or speeding up. Or they can use this data to see what sort of activity their agents are doing and use that to know what classes to offer for training and how to empower the agents to close more deals quickly and efficiently. For MLS’s they can use this data to help differentiate themselves from other MLS’s by offering live market insights no else currently has. These are just a few value adds that come to mind. We’re sure you have more creative ways to utilize this live showing data as well.

Now hold on, I have to slow the excitement train here a moment. Brokerage Suite is still in its infancy. We are diligently working to bring this tool to you by the end of 2022. 

Don’t let that totally kill the excitement though. We are currently working with multiple brokerages, agents, and MLS’s closely to bring the most comprehensive showing management and live data set tool that we can to you. 

Make Better Decisions For Your Business Based On Live Market Insights

If you are looking for a tool that easily provides you insights to make better decisions, Brokerage Suite is for you! If you are just more curious about how this may all play out and want to hear and see more about it from a live person, head over to our website to schedule a demo.

Or even reach out to us asking to join the list of people interested in beta testing Brokerage Suite. Email support@showingly.com titled “Test Brokerage Suite” along with your name, phone number, brokerage you are a part of, MLS association, and state you are located in to request being a part of the first group to try Brokerage Suite. 

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