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Real Estate Showing Management & The Power of Data

Agents, ever buy tools to get insights into homebuyers and sellers to help grow your business

Brokerages, ever buy tools to better your agents to help their business? 

Data is something we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on for the opportunity to learn something that will better our business. But what do we do with this data? There is no manual of if you have this data you can do “x, y ,z” things to better your business. That’s where the idea of our upcoming product called Brokerage Suite began.

Years of Data To Help You Grow Your Business

Being in the showing management space for three years now has given us thousands of data points to package and deliver insights specific to your business. Whether you are an agent looking to grow, a managing broker, or anywhere in between, Showingly has data for you.

Coupling our data with our recent interoperability agreement with ShowingTime, we now have access to years of data waiting to be translated to real life activities. 

Maximize Your Listings Exposure

Let us paint the picture for what this means for you and your business. With data points like exact times people are entering and exiting your property, days of the week most showings are done, amount of showings done, the date and time when the status of a property changes, location, and amount of property views we can provide custom insights catered to you and your market.

Based on all of this data, using our AI, we can predict what pictures, price, listing date, and more would be best for you to maximize your listings exposure to go under contract sooner. 

Imagine entering a buyer appointment with stats to guide buyers to the exact dates to improve offer acceptance and the exact amount of showings before finding their dream home.

Now imagine entering listing appointments being able to tell sellers that based on pricing their home at “x” price, they can expect this amount of showings and this amount of offers. Being able to tell your seller exactly what to expect and when. Removing the guesswork from your business and utilizing technology to give you customized business insights of what you need to do to achieve success.

Save Time, Money, & Energy

This means that you will have a tool that will save you time, energy, and money. While simultaneously giving you information that will build self confidence, create trust with your client’s, and close deals quicker knowing the pulse on the market.

Brokerages will have access to this same data to provide to their agents. Which is where the beginning of the exciting market insights will begin. Being connected directly to your agents day to day, you will be able to have a live pulse on what business to expect coming in without having to manually enter new deal data.

Giving you a competitive edge over your competitors while empowering agents with insights that no other company is currently providing. That is what Brokerage Suite will be able to provide to both agents and brokers alike.

The Power of Data & AI

With Brokerage Suite on the horizon for completion, agents and brokers will soon have access to the data driven business insights we just talked about. All this data provides agents and brokerages the ability to position themselves best in any market to increase the money in an agent’s pocket and increase the brokerage’s bottom line.

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