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Real Estate Closing Gifts that Wow

The biggest financial decision a client will ever make in their life is likely to be buying a new home. In order to find the ideal property, real estate agents and their clients typically put in countless hours of work. For many people, becoming a homeowner is a big deal, and it should be honored as such.
Therefore, as you start to turn the final corner of a deal, you should be thinking about a great closing gift.

The Benefits of Gift-Giving in Your Marketing Plan

Recent studies show that the median duration of homeownership in the U.S. is 13 years, so it’s important not to view individual sales as a one-and-done transaction. Because they are in the relationship-building industry, real estate agents rely heavily on repeat customers and referrals to generate leads. You’ve spent a lot of time with your clients during the home-buying process getting to know what matters to them, as well as their preferences, hobbies, favorite activities, and long-term objectives.

Giving a personalized closing gift is an essential part of your real estate marketing strategy and a way to convey your sincere appreciation for their confidence in your real estate knowledge. A customer who just bought or sold a home might not require your services for a while. However, by utilizing their favorable social media reviews and referrals of your services to their friends and family, you can obtain that priceless word-of-mouth real estate lead.

In a NAR (National Association for Realtors) survey, 90% of buyers said they would refer their real estate agents to friends and family. And 76% said they would continue to work with the same agent. Therefore, it is in your best interest as a professional to find an appropriate closing gift for your valued client.

Make Them Feel Special and Build Trust

Giving your client a closing gift expresses your gratitude for them and demonstrates your value for them. A special gift instills a sense of honor in the recipient and builds their confidence in your abilities.
A gift is essential for gaining additional customers through recommendations and reviews in addition to its sentimental value. A closing gift might even encourage a client to do business with you again.

According to a survey done by the NAR (National Association for Realtors), 90% of buyers said they would refer their real estate agents to friends and relatives. And, 76% said they would again ‘repeat’ the same agent.

One thing to consider is that while closing gifts are wonderful, don’t overlook other opportunities to show your appreciation. Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays are all wonderful occasions to send a token of your appreciation to your clients.

How Do You Pick a Gift That WOWS?

A gift helps make memories and strengthens the bonds between the giver and the recipient. The right gift lifts the recipient’s spirits. However, a careless one could give the wrong impression.

You should be aware of your clients’ preferences in order to select the best present. You will have plenty of time during the house-hunting process to ascertain their preferences. For instance, if your client enjoys coffee, you could give them a thoughtful gift card to a nearby coffee shop along with personalized coffee mugs.

Determine a Budget

The median gross income of REALTORS®—the income earned from real estate activities—was $43,330 in 2020, according to NAR.

An agent should typically spend around 10–15% of their commission on a closing gift.

Also, take into account the type of property that was sold. This may affect how much money you allocate for your closing gifts. For example, if your niche is luxury properties, a lavish gift may be ideal for the owner.

You might be able to use a tax deduction for closing gifts; check with your accountant. Any type of deduction that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permits should be discussed with a tax expert before proceeding.

8 Realtor Gifts that can WOW the Client

The right gift can astound your clients, resulting in repeat business and endless referrals. The ideal closing gift can greatly increase your business potential.

Here is a list of 10 things you can present to your clients:

1. Cloud Picture Frame

People take photos to remember moments, but then they forget to store them in Google Photos or iCloud. Recent mobile images can be shared with others using a cloud frame. An app that lets users upload photos from anywhere in the world to be shown on the frame may also be included in a cloud.

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2. Echo Dot with Alexa

This tiny digital genie responds to voice commands to perform all tasks. It can set alarms, play music, respond to inquiries, perform information searches, and even control other gadgets. All it requires is a command from you that begins with “Hey, Alexa….”

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3. Smart Air Purifier

With the pandemic, we had to learn the hard way how important it is to breathe clean, uncontaminated air.

A portable air purifier with air quality sensors that cleans the air is a great gift for a new homeowner, if you ask us.

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4. Smart Doorbell

New homeowners can feel secure in their neighborhood by installing a smart doorbell. Anywhere can be used to answer the door, and before granting access, one can view the visitor on a camera. The majority of them also record videos that can be replayed without a subscription within 24 hours. Give them a gift card to pay for their first year’s subscription for that extra WOW!

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5. Yummy Treats

Any occasion can be celebrated with food. With the assistance of Smart Box Company, you can put together a client gift basket. For example, a basket filled with fancy cookies, rich chocolates, a variety of dry fruits, organic honey, delectable jam, and breadsticks will make them smile from ear to ear. They also have a wide variety of snacks and treats for those who have dietary restrictions.

6. Coffee Subscription Service

If your client is a coffee person, they could remember you every time they pour themselves a cup with a coffee subscription service from Bean Box. Consider them your personal coffee sommelier. They only purchase the finest coffee from the top roasters in the country. Then, simply add a French press, coffee grinder, or reusable coffee cup. For coffee lovers, it really is the ideal gift.

7. Pet Supplies

A pet-friendly basket is all you need to win over clients who have fur babies. You can fill a cute basket with a variety of items, including a puppy care kit, dog walker sachets, a dog water bottle, and the yummy bone toy. Or think about getting them a Chewy gift card.

8. Holiday And Other Occasions

Remember to send gifts on other occasions besides just the closing gift. Observe their birthdays, anniversaries, and any other noteworthy events. Even a simple birthday card with a cookie delivery or a house anniversary with a unique gift will serve to commemorate the event. Consider a client gifting company like Client Giant to help with this.

If you’re a busy real estate agent, Client Giant will choose thoughtful gifts for your clients and deliver them on your behalf with impactful timing and customized notes from you.

Gift Diving Dos And Dont’s

Remember the small details and their preferences when considering a great closing gift.

When presenting clients with gifts, there are dos and don’ts. Here are a few things to remember when giving WOW-worthy gifts.

1) Do Get Creative
2) Do Make It Fun and Exciting
3) Do Make It Personal
4) Do Make It About Your Client

What kind of client appreciation presents do you like to give?


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