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Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents

One of the most frequently asked questions at LCA is, “How much time should real estate agents spend on lead generation every day?”

Lead Generation Breakdown

It is recommended by many successful real estate agents and some of the top real estate coaches that three hours of lead generation per day is what is needed for a six-figure business. Some will argue that lead generation consists of voice-to-voice (or face-to-face) communication with prospects. However, real estate lead generation is constantly evolving. What brought in great leads a year ago or even a few months ago may no longer work today.

It’s important to remember that not all lead generation tactics are made equal. Some perform admirably for specific sorts of agents, while others fail badly. The trick is to choose which strategies to put your hard-earned time, money, and effort in strategically. Let’s look at how much time should be spent on each of the important real estate lead generation categories each day:

Advertising – 15 Minutes

Yard signs, fliers, business cards, and other print marketing will be the focus of this stage of lead generation. Once you’ve performed the basic setup on these things, you’ll spend very little time placing orders and making small revisions.

Pay Per Click Advertising – 15 Minutes

Enter Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, check your statistics to confirm your ads are running as planned and your budget hasn’t exploded, and then leave! Resist the need to micromanage.

Writing/Blogging/Articles – 15 Minutes

Write one blog article per day to assure a consistent flow of online leads for the foreseeable future. Don’t overthink your writing since you aren’t a best-selling author – unless you are. Simply adhere to basic SEO blogging rules and ensure you’ve chosen the appropriate keyword phrases. To achieve this task, many agents will sit down once a week and write 5-6 posts.

Social Media Sessions – 30 Minutes

Set aside three ten-minute social media sessions per day: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Anything more suggests that you’re just fooling around! Post a comment and a tweet within the first two minutes, then spend the remainder of your time interacting with others. Instead of trying to jam everything into a single daily session, drip it into their news feed or Twitter stream throughout the day.

Specialty Leads (Craigslist, Divorce Ads, Foreclosures, REO, FSBO/Expireds, etc) – 45 Minutes

Divorce: Look for divorce filings in your county’s records. Call/text/email/snail mail those prospects. For leads/follow-up, contact divorce attorneys.

Foreclosures/Short Sales: Look for lis pendens filings in your local county records. Call/text/email/snail mail those prospects.

REO: Contact your Asset Manager leads/contacts through phone, text, or email. Fill out any lender/bank application for new listing opportunities.

FSBO/Expireds: Look through your MLS for recent or old expired listings to call. Alternatively, search Zillow and local newspapers for FSBO leads.

Craigslist: Sit down at your computer three times a day for a 15-minute session of posting real estate ads on Craigslist. To generate a consistent supply of free leads, get to the point where you can just copy and paste the text into a regular content schedule on the site.

Sphere of Influence/Past Clients – 1 Hour

You’ve worked hard to build a network of contacts in your field; don’t let them forget about you. Spend one hour per day making phone calls, visiting people (pop-bys), sending emails, mailing cards or gifts, and using Facebook direct messaging.

Don’t forget about your previous customers. Call, text, or email previous clients to stay in touch.


So there you have it: three hours of lead generation every day to start your business moving in the right direction. When real estate agents become more efficient at time management by scheduling particular times of the day for lead generation, they have more possibilities to show property and attend listing presentations!

Finally, when you begin to build a team, some of these activities can be undertaken by a virtual assistant, administrator, or marketing person. Alternatively, you can outsource some chores to Upwork or Fiverr, such as handling mailouts, writing blogs, and marketing tasks, until you can hire someone.

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