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50 Reasons to Follow Up With Your Prospects to Stay Top of Mind

Following up with your leads and contacts is essential if you want a prosperous pipeline and consistent commissions. So while the money in real estate is found in the follow-up, it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want an easy reason to stay in contact with homeowners for simple, effective follow-up, use this list to stay top of mind with buyers and sellers.

50 Reasons to Follow Up With Your Prospects to Stay Top of Mind

  1. Check in to see if they got your email.
  2. Ask if they saw the email attachment with their market stats.
  3. Provide service and ask if there is anything you can help with.
  4. Inform them of changes in interest rates.
  5. Inform them about price changes for homes in their market.
  6. Ask if they want to know how much homes are selling for in their neighborhood.
  7. Offer to do, or ask if they saw, your CMA.
  8. Verify their contact information.
  9. Return their call.
  10. Share tips for winterizing their home.
  11. Make sure they got your pre-listing packet.
  12. Make sure you’re “not dropping the ball” by asking if they’re still planning to list.
  13. Answer questions about your pre-listing packet. 
  14. Tell them the current Marketing Report.
  15. Wish them a Happy Birthday.
  16. Give them a few curb appeal tips for their home.
  17. Wish them a Happy Holiday.
  18. Invite them to your Open House.
  19. Share efficient moving and packing tips.
  20. Ask if their phone accepts text messages.
  21. Tell them about the hot market during the summer months.
  22. Recommend a new restaurant in the area that you like.
  23. Inform them of an upcoming town meeting.
  24. Extend an invitation to a community event.
  25. Tell them about an upcoming fundraiser for someone in your community.
  26. Share your contact info in case they have any questions.
  27. Ask if you can text them to share your marketing plan.
  28. Remind them about upcoming local elections.
  29. Ask if the pandemic made them want a new home.
  30. Ask if they’re aware of neighbors who just sold.
  31. Share your resume for when they interview agents to sell their home.
  32. Congratulate them on a new addition to the family.
  33. During spring cleaning time, ask if they need more space.
  34. Ask if anything has changed with their timeline to sell and move.
  35. Inform them that you have people who are interested in the neighborhood.
  36. Tell an FSBO to text you if any questions come up about selling a home.
  37. Ask an FSBO how selling their home is going.
  38. Ask if there is anything you can do to help them achieve their home goals.
  39. Inform them of any new developments nearby. 
  40. Give them HOA updates.
  41. Share tips for getting their sprinkler system ready for spring.
  42. Give them a list of tips to help you sell their home, whether they use you or not.
  43. Invite them to an upcoming brokerage event.
  44. Share some landscaping tips.
  45. Ask an FRBO if they are still looking for additional investment properties.
  46. Talk about local sports team achievements.
  47. Send them a link to your website to see new homes on the market.
  48. Ask if they want you to keep an eye out for a specific type of property.
  49. Share some effective home maintenance tips.
  50. Inform them of the top 10 reasons homes don’t sell.

Follow Through With Your Follow-Up

Following up with any of these 50 reasons guarantees you a spot in prospects’ minds whenever they think of real estate. What might seem like a simple conversation actually has the power to pack your pipeline with prosperity. All you have to do is reach out and follow up.

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