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How To Use Video To Level Up Your Business In 2022

You already know video is an important part of the real estate marketing mix. Stats like, “homes listed with videos get 4x the inquiries” and “85% or buyers and sellers want to work with agents using video” are incredibly telling. But to truly get the most out of video and stand out from you competition, real estate pros need to start thinking about using video to build not just transactions but relationships.

Got the video jitters? Worried about being in front of the camera? Or are you sitting on videos you’ve already recorded, but concerned about finding the time to edit? During this webinar,  “How to Use Video to Up Level Your Business in 2022” Chime is joined by its latest technology partner Dubb, to showcase just how easy it is to create and send simple and effective videos direct from the Chime platform.  Check out the highlights below or watch the webinar for more.

How To Get Started With Video

First and foremost, don’t feel pressure to make an Academy Award winning video! It’s easy to get caught up thinking you need iMovie or Adobe Effects to create a video with high production values. Those have their place (perhaps a “Meet our Team” video on the website), but it’s not the kind of video you need when you are trying to convert a lead that just came in the door. Instead, create a simple, short video that recognizes their interest, notes that you’ll be in touch, and how excited you are to get started helping them find the right property. No editing needed as the secret is in its authenticity. That’s how you build trust and showcase your value.
Video can also help you quickly standout from your competition. Consider this: If you are with a brokerage, you and your colleagues have access to the same marketing and promotional materials. Instead of sending the same email newsletter that EVERYONE is sending to their clients, use video! You can quickly create a video message that adds details or local market information to accompany the newsletter, or you can mix and match “old school” and new school tactics by sending a handwritten card that includes a QR code with a link to a video.

More Video Ideas

  • Anniversaries of buying/selling a home
  • Neighborhood tours
  • Home buying and selling tips
  • Local market updates
  • Client testimonials

All of these videos can be integrated directly into the Chime platform and with Chime’s Smart Plans they can go out automatically in an email, text or both to the right prospects.

To learn more about how video can increase response rates and engagement, build trust with your clients, and differentiate you from other realtors, check out our webinar.


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