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How To Leverage Business Driven Analytics for Brokerages

Are you brokerage looking to see the high level activity of what your agents are doing when it comes to buying and selling real estate? Data driven insights combined with predictive analytics is the future and this is how you can best utilize Brokerage Suite to help you and your agents business grow.

What Is Brokerage Suite?

Brokerage Suite is a set of tools that enable brokers to better see what their agents are doing and provide insights for their agents to make better decisions. With the upcoming release of Brokerage Suite, brokers will have access to analytics and data visualization tools centered around showings.

This allows identification of their top performing agents, ability to track their agent activity around home showings, and predict brokerage revenue. This ultimately empowers brokerage’s with measurable agent activity metrics to help provide a bigger picture of how best to tackle helping grow their agent’s business.

The suite will include three main focuses: Agent Showing Management (powered by Showingly), Agent Activity Reports, and Brokerage Predictive Analytics. Let’s break it down.

Real Estate Agent Showing Management

Use the new Brokerage Scheduling tool powered by Showingly’s integrated showing management service to schedule showings for your agents with ease. This tool creates a  brokerage backed support system for agents and their clients.

Scheduling through Brokerage Suite provides brokerages with a management tool that gives you a live look into exactly what is going on with you and your agents business.

Real Estate Agent Activity Reports

Diving into Agent Activity Reports, you can look no further than the very first screen you encounter when logging into Showingly. This screen gives a quick high level glance at what is going on today, this week, next week, and this month with your agents and their listings.

We’ve added other insights like average showings per listing and total pending listings to give a more comprehensive view of what deals you can expect to close in the near future. All of these data points can further be expanded upon to give more details into what you are looking for. Allowing you to monitor performance data for each of your agents. Ultimately giving you insight into how to best assist your agents and where they are struggling in the home buying/selling process.

Predictive Analytics For Business Growth

The ability to see, manage and track key metrics at the agent level is a brokerage staple. Brokerage Suite will give you access to all the data related to your showing’s, listing’s, and agent’s activity to see what activity is driving your business. Couple that with our easy to use platform and built-in analytics dashboard, brokerages can use this data to coach agents on how they can improve their visibility in your market, close more deals and run a more predictable business.

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the top brokerages in the country. Enabling us to provide users with a tool that’s led by people with deep expertise in what is needed to run a successful brokerage. This first release of Brokerage Suite will give brokerages the ability to schedule, see select agent activity, and more.

Get Early Access To Brokerage Suite

This product will launch in Fall 2022, but we are offering early access with a select group of brokers who would like to get ahead of the game and start using the new tools now. For more information about early access and how you can implement Brokerage Suite before it launches in September, please contact us at or call us at (303)-970-0454.


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