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Attract More Business and Close More Deals Through your Website

With thousands of websites available for every product and service, across every industry, it’s critical to differentiate from your competitors in order to attract and convert the right leads. But tackling your IDX can be daunting and may often fall to the bottom of your priority list. Award-winning realtor and highly sought-after coach Brett Baker warns – don’t let it!  Neglecting your website is a choice agents can’t afford to make in an increasingly competitive market. In our recent webinar with Lab Coat Agents, he shared his thoughts on why prioritizing your website is essential to success and tips on how to leverage your IDX to become indispensable to your local buying and selling market.  Highlights of our conversation below.  To listen to a full replay of the webinar “Attract More Business and Close More Deals Through your Website,” 

As an agent, your website serves as an online billboard for your business and the most powerful tool you have to attract and convert leads. Failing to invest the time or energy in strategically developing your IDX, directs relevant leads right into the hands of industry goliaths or local, savvier competitors. To avoid this fate, Brett offers the following key tips to help make your site stand out from the crowd and generate consistent, relevant traffic to fuel long-term success.

1. Build Trust

Clients today are looking for a personalized experience in the buying/selling process.  Traditionally, the real estate industry has fallen short in delivering customized information to leads, frustrating potential clients and deterring them from engagement. Let’s be honest – spam is not a good look. Instead, use your website as a tool to deliver highly relevant, targeted content to build trust, the lynchpin to converting more leads.

2. Get hyper-local

To help in this endeavor, build hyper-local landing pages to position yourself as a local expert on everything from the best places to eat and undiscovered wineries to cool new dog parks and epic mountain bike trails.  By showcasing the unique aspects of a specific neighborhood, city, and/or town, you engage more meaningfully with leads, assert your expertise on the area and encourage leads to stay awhile. Leveraging dynamic content like video to highlight mom and pop retail shops, restaurants, and service offerings also gives an authentic view into the area. Offering this level of granular detail will set you apart from industry giants and build trust among key audiences.

3. Expand and Connect

Once you begin building local landing pages for one area, expand to include the top 5 surrounding cities or towns and drill down to offer more granular detail of each area. Interlinking these pages will demonstrate the breadth and depth of your local insight and encourage leads to keep reading, watching, and learning about the area and in the meantime, why you are the best agent to meet their needs.

An advocate for the value of automation, Brett underscores how easy Chime makes it for agents to build and expand upon these landing pages, enhance their IDX and set themselves apart from their competitors.  A true plug-and-play sales acceleration platform, Chime seamlessly offers everything an agent needs to make their website the compelling billboard and essential conversion tool it should be.

Chime is a complete digital marketing platform that includes a CRM, website, and lead sources. It is one of the leading CRMs in the real estate industry! Start today and receive a free personal demo and exclusive LCA discount!

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