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Fun Ways to Up Your Social Media Game

Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Snapchat. And, nowTik Tok. Real estate agents know the importance of being active on social media, but with so many different platforms out there—and new platforms coming out all the time—it’s challenging to stay on top of it all. 

If you’re doing okay in the social media game but you want to find more ways to use it to your advantage, remember that quantity and consistency is not always as important as quality. Or rather, it’s not how much you are posting, but that you’re creative with the ways you go about posting. Gone are the days of dressing up in a dinosaur costume for your open house photos. It’s time to try something new that are still just as entertaining!

If your social media posts are becoming a little stale, then consider trying some of these fun ideas:

Keep Up With Categorized Stories on Instagram

Instagram has all kinds of features, and many users may not be aware of all of them. But, if you’re on Instagram, then in addition to engaging with other agents (Instagram is can be a GREAT networking tool!), it is also worth utilizing the “stories” feature, and you can publish each post into separate stories. For instance, you can make each story a walk through of various properties, and name the story using that listing’s address (with permission from the seller) and/or the title of that listing.

Use Hyperlapse at Your Open Houses

One LCA member did something creative by doing a hyperlapse of one of her open houses. This is a great way to show how many people you’re bringing in and all the activity going on during the showing. It can also demonstrate how “quick” an open house can be, if you’re working with clients who have busy schedules. Likewise, you can also try doing this in slow motion, a Boomerang, or with other effects. Though, be sure to ask those coming to your showing whether or not they’re comfortable being recorded or if it’s okay to share before doing so. 

Try a Challenge on TikTok

TikTok is all the rage right now, maybe not so much for adults, but definitely for their children. If you can do something different on TikTok that attracts the attention of teenagers, then eventually, their parents will see it as well. In fact, one real estate agent was brave enough to get on the popular app himself, and needless to say, it worked! Why not try the same and see what happens?

If you are not sure what to post on tiktok, check out 5 content ideas for realtors on tiktok.

Publish and Curate Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been the platform for professionals, but many believe that the site is becoming a more popular place for business owners/self-employed to find valuable leads. To use it to your advantage, publish any content that could be useful to would-be clients and/or colleagues. It could be an article on the latest real estate/housing market news and trends, or it could be your own content that demonstrates that you’re a voice of authority in your industry.

Consider Starting a Podcast

Podcasts may be the wave of the future, and although YouTube is still more popular than Podcasts, real estate agents don’t usually have time to edit videos (not saying you shouldn’t attempt it, though!). Instead, consider recording some real estate content on a Podcast. Topics could include discussing the market in your area, things buyers should know, tips on navigating the mortgage process, etc.

Use Polls on Instagram

Another great feature on Instagram is the option to add polls to your posts. This is an easy and fun way to encourage user engagement and have people pay attention to your content and profile. Post photos of the houses in your listing and ask people what design options they like most or true or false questions to guess how much the house is worth or what features the home has.

Create a Downloadable for Facebook Ad

The best way to bring in potential buyers—or leads in any business—is to offer value for free. Facebook is a great medium to do this, though you can do it through other platforms as well. Create some type of downloadable (for instance, a PDF with your current listings) that’s colorful and attractive to your followers. Or, create a downloadable that offers secrets and tips on finding a good real estate agent (that most wouldn’t know) with a CTA attached.

Staying on top of social media can be hard. So, if you feel more comfortable using only one or two platforms, that’s okay. Just be sure to utilize those platforms to their fullest by trying new ways to target your audience. And, as always, head to the LCA Facebook page to see what others are doing!


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