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5 TikTok Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents

As we all know, TikTok is the social media platform of the moment. It allows you to create concise content that is easy to digest, like, and share with others. If used strategically, you will even create a community of followers ready to learn more about you and your services!

The possibilities of content creation are endless, and real estate agents are using it more and more every day—not only to dance to the latest trends or learn how to make banana bread—but to sell homes as well!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate game changed forever, and most realtors are moving into the digital space. But you may be wondering: Where do I even start? What type of content will help me achieve not only sales but awareness about real estate? How can I help the community of future homeowners make the right choices?

This is why we created a list of content ideas to help you launch your TikTok presence and keep up to date on the hottest trends! Give some of these a try:

1. Informative content for new homebuyers

One of the best ways to create engagement with your community is to answer any questions they may have about becoming homebuyers—and we know there are a LOT of questions regarding this topic.

Select a couple of questions that are the most relevant and frequently asked to you, screenshot them, and paste them on top of a video of yourself answering them. This way, your followers will know you read through their comments and will feel encouraged to keep the conversation going. As there will be new questions every day, you can create a series with titles like “Becoming a Homebuyer: Part 1” or “Questions I Get Asked About New Homebuyers: Part 1.”

2. Home Tours

Simply turn your regular listings into virtual home tours! Don’t forget to add music, different speeds, and cuts to make them more dynamic. To create more engagement, you can also just show a select few portions of the house, and ask your viewers to like the video for part two!

3. Best Real Estate Moments

We all love running into beautiful, special moments in our feed, and what is more special than seeing someone receive the keys to their new home? Shares bring exposure, and people share videos that make them connect with their emotions! Don’t be afraid to go there.

4. Storytime

There are surely moments in your career where you have dealt with both marvelous and difficult clients, and we want to hear those stories—without breaching anyone’s privacy—but remember that some of the most popular videos on TikTok are about those who share anecdotes from their lives. As a real estate agent, we know you have quite a lot! This content will not only entertain and bring you closer to your audience but will also teach new lessons of things to-do or not-to-do when looking into buying a home.

5. A day in your life!

As mentioned before, we love connecting with you, and knowing all we can about you! There are so many real estate agents out there, but we need to know why we should choose you. The best way to help us decide is by the quality of your content and by seeing who you are. What is your routine like? Who are you outside of your job? If we get to know you and trust you as the amazing person you are, some misconceptions like agents “only care about sales” will turn into “the cool real estate agent that loves figure skating and cares about educating future homeowners.”

Let these ideas inspire you to come up with more content ideas and build your own TikTok account. Don’t forget to check regularly other real estate agents’ accounts to learn more about new trends, or even possible collaborations. Remember: TikTok is a very useful work tool, and it should also be fun to use!

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