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Five Fast Focus Points To Help You Become A Better Agent

Distractions are everywhere and giving up is the easy way out. But if you want to succeed in a competitive industry such as Real Estate, you have put those blinders on and focus. Not only do you need a plan, you need to put those plans into practice. You also have to be visible even if you’re being inconspicuous with it. You can’t jump into the deep end without knowing how to swim or having a lifeguard on duty to make sure you’re okay, so here are five fast focus points which can help you become a better agent, at any point in your career.

Gain by setting goals.

If you fail to write down your goals, you risk failing to implement a guide that will get you to the next level. While it’s great to set long-term goals, the short-term goals will help you get there. You must have a vision for the next four or five years at least. In order to accomplish those goals in five years, you have to lay down the steps you’ll take on an annual basis to get there. Then you want to create a quarterly guide so that you make personal accomplishments. Take it a step further and narrow it down to your monthly, weekly and daily goals. Every day, set personal and professional reminders and goals of what you want to accomplish and tie those into what it is you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Those small separate steps will eventually come together to form one big accomplishment. It may seem hard at first, but it’s easier and more self-fulfilling to check off ten small things that you accomplished in one day than that one big thing you are trying to do at the end of five years. Take it a step further and sync it with your calendar so that you get reminders on your phone to keep you on track.

Another important thing about goals is that you need to keep them in a visible spot to remind you that you have a plan. Put them on your desk, put them near your mirror, keep a list in your car. If something is in your face every day, chances are you won’t forget it anytime soon. Sure, you’ll have some days when it seems like you aren’t getting anywhere and there will be days you feel like haters are hating on your progress, or lack thereof. Just remember that we all have a day where it doesn’t go right but we have to dust off, leave the toxic people and environments behind and keep on pressing. You see the end result, now take your steps toward accomplishing it.    

Practice even if you’ve perfected it.

You ever notice how doctors and lawyers are labelled as practicing even though they’re professionals in their craft? Truly be a LabCoat Agent! Have that mindset of continuing to practice even if you feel you have perfected it. Thanks to social media, you have to learn to stay in front of your potential clients in more ways than one. The Real Estate pros before us didn’t have the reach we have. With today’s technology, we are just an ebook download from studying from the best in the biz, a Tweet from saying something is available, a Pinterest from showing the best countertops, a Facebook live from giving an open house, a LinkedIn connect from networking, and a YouTube view from watching a new strategy instead of sitting in a classroom.

As if that weren’t enough, you still have to know which demographic uses which social media platform. So stay abreast of your market and your craft by joining online groups, watching online videos, attending workshops and seminars as well as reading as much as you can as you, too, are a practicing professional. Even if you are the best, there is always someone waiting for you to have an off day to dethrone you. While you are practicing, remember to go over your scripts, and presentations and to be as familiar with your market and inventory as possible. You want to come across as polished. Think about this from the angle of someone with an understudy. If you mess up, and fail to deliver, you may loose the role to someone who is waiting to take your clients.

Freebies can reap great rewards.

A freebie can go a long way. I’ve personally learned that, often, it pays to give free advice. Consider your freebie as a chance to network and put yourself out there as a professional. If you have time, blog on a website that may not pay but will allow you to connect to the masses. Better yet, reach out to your local news outlets so when they are looking for experts to come in to talk about the industry, you’re already on the list and you can hop at a moment’s notice to share your thoughts. Newspapers, bloggers and tv reporters need content, so if you don’t hear back from them right away, don’t worry. When the time is right, they’ll reach out.

Another great way a freebie can go a long way is when you offer to speak at a community forum such as a church group, library event or host a free realty clinic. If you know of upcoming events, let them know you are available as a panelist and would be happy to offer insight on a topic. Also sign up to speak at a local Rotary or Kiwanis club to talk about trends in that community. After these engagements, take a few moments to network with the audience and give them some marketing materials or business cards.

Another free way to offer advice is to post tips on your social media page or give free advice on a live video. You can entertain questions and you can give your followers a call to action even if it means subscribing to your email list. Those that you advise will have a greater trust that you know what you are doing and will likely return or share your information when it’s time to do business. As an example of a freebie that I give away, check out my Rettro Tip video example on how agents can advise clients on how to get rid of a smoke smell.  

You’re as strong as your squad.

Keep a coach, a mentor or an accountability partner in your corner. These people are your squad, your trusted crew, your people who you can take criticism from and who will guide you. They know your craft, they have been there and done that and they are willing to be honest and take the time to take you to the next level. When you feel like you’re ready to quit, they help you get your head back in the game. Life happens and you can easily be distracted, but with these three people in your corner you get reminders to stay on track and focus the best you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take notes and leverage their knowledge. If possible, set a weekly or monthly meeting so that you can both focus on what it is you need help with, free of distractions. In order to stay on top with this tip, you have to have a teachable spirit and be able to try new things if you are advised to do that. You must be willing to see yourself from their perspective and you must be humble, considering that these people are taking time to help you achieve your goals.

Secret agents don’t secure the sale.

Do not be a secret agent. You must be visible in order to connect with others so if you are shy, buckle up and get over it. This is a business of direct and constant communication, so you must be ready to interact from the moment your name is in the public domain.

That includes taking care to have a great photo that shows your are professional, trustworthy and you pay attention to your image and first introduction. Be sure it is a current photo and make sure it looks like you and not something filtered to the point where your clients won’t recognize you or think “Damn, this industry is aging you quickly.” We all change as we mature. Embrace your experiences that have gotten you to where you are.  If you have a beard in the photo, keep the beard. If you have long blonde hair in the photo, keep it that length and don’t do any drastic hair changes such as dying it black. You want to look like the person who is associated as the brand on your marketing materials. Think as if you are an actor and the director gives you a callback to be on set within hours. People expect the person who shows up to look like the person who is in that photo.

Another thing to remember is that your contact information must be visible, so include your phone number, an email address, a website and social media handles so that people can follow you and stay abreast of what your inventory consists of.

In being visible, make sure you have your marketing materials with you at all times. If someone asks you for a pen, make sure that pen has your name on it. If you’re in the gym, taking a jog or at your kids’ sporting event, have a shirt or cap that shows your company logo. Keep business cards nearby. Have a presence at major community events where you can have a booth. Even if you are not selling anything, it shows that you have a presence in the community. You are a public figure and your image must be one that is positive.

You can have a profile for your friends and family, but you must also have a professional profile as well. I think it is important to be genuine.  Although many things I post on my personal profile may not be relevant to post on my business page, I try to maintain the same persona. We are in the people business and people like to work with real people that they relate to. This also means that you need to conduct yourself in a way with your friends that is respectful and positive.

Leave the negativity to the trolls. If you have something on your professional page you want to share with your friends, share it from your professional page. Be cautious not sharing too much business posts trying to sell on your personal pages, as well as do not share too many non-relevant posts to your business page.  It is okay to show off your personality and let your business know you enjoy life outside of just work. Balance is key!     

So now that you have these fast five areas to focus on, go out there and implement them as you focus on succeeding.


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