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— by Knolly Williams

10 Scripts to use with Overpriced Sellers

Most sellers have unrealistic expectations about what they can get for their house. They almost always want a little more than what the market will bear.  

Let’s say your seller wants to price their house at $450,000 and you know that the market points to a price of $400,000 tops.  

Here are ten of my most successful pricing scripts for sellers who want to overprice.  

Script 1:  

You: “Susan… getting your house sold is all about creating value in the mind of the buyer. Do you believe that $450,000 will create value in the mind of the buyer?”  

Script 2:  

You: “Susan – what’s the lowest price you are willing to go?”  

Script 3:  

Hand the prospect a calculator and let them do the math.  

You: “So, Susan – what is the average price per square-foot that houses in your subdivision are selling for?”  

Prospect: “$158 per square foot.”  

You: “I see. Go ahead and punch in 158… and what is your square footage?”  

Prospect: “My house is 2527 square feet.” 

You: “Go ahead and times the 158 by 2527. What are you coming up with?”  






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