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Do Less, Close More with Chime: Secrets of the Lazy Agent

“I believe in working smarter, not harder. I think the old way of doing real estate is dead; it died a long time ago. There’s a new better way to do business.”

Those are the words from Tommy Mutchler, also known as the “The Lazy Agent” on Youtube. But Tommy’s goal has less to do with being lazy and everything to do with automating real estate lead generation and marketing operations. As a realtor and Managing Broker with Real Broker in the Northwest, he is laser focused on creating smart automations within his business so he can spend more time doing other things… and he’s on a mission to help other realtors do the same. Tommy recently joined Tristian to share his secrets for simple and effective business automations using Chime. Read on to learn how he saves more time and closes more deals or check out the webinar replay.

Before using Chime, Tommy experienced a frustration familiar to many real estate pros, “I realized there were a lot of systems and processes I was doing again and again and asked, ‘why can’t I automate this?’ There must be a better way!” Tommy found that with Chime there is in fact a better way. “One of the reasons I fell in love with Chime nearly four years ago is it allowed me to take my business to the next level. The other CRMs just weren’t cutting it. At the time I had a lot of leads coming in and I didn’t want to sort through them – I didn’t want to waste my time calling people all the time!”

With Chime as his CRM, here are the three ways Tommy uses the system to drive automation and save time:

Lead Generation

Tommy garners leads from Zillow, Youtube, and uses Chime’s ability to nurture old leads in his database to bring cold leads back to life. Tommy specifically likes Chime’s pipeline feature and powerful smart plan tool as they both enable him to automate so much of these processes. 

Setting an Appointment

With Chime and its integration capabilities with other popular system, Tommy can quickly turn a “new lead” (from Zillow for example) into an appointment opportunity. He uses automatic emails and texts, a task list, and an “Active Leads” pipeline to secure listing appointments.

Follow Up

Every agent needs to do follow up but manually doing so can be incredibly time intensive. With Chime’s appointment setting feature, he can keep tabs on the leads that have not been contacted in seven days. This “safety net” ensures follow up is happening even if Tommy hasn’t had the chance to do so himself.

“For the past three years of using Chime I think I’ve found the sweet spot on how to do it effectively without over complicating it, being effective and still being personal while still saving myself time.”

If you want to do the same, book a free demo today and see how Chime can help your business.


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