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7 Best Texts To Bring Leads Back From The DEAD!

I know I don’t have to go over why texting clients and leads is a preferred method for communication, do I? 

Okay, besides national stats showing that a high percentage of people respond to texting more than calling and email, there’s also the fact that it saves the sender and the receiver time! Time is a commodity–we are fighting for people’s time, fighting for people’s attention. Text is how to get it. Social Messengers too–Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat–but that’s a different blog. 

The texts below are self-explanatory. Use them or don’t use them, but the point of the texts is bring out the engagement. When you send them to dead leads, you are doing it to get a response. Once you get a response, please don’t go for the “Close” right then and there.

Use that moment to connect.

Do your best to get them on the phone and talk to them so they can hear your voice. Next step would be to meet them if they are serious, either at your office or at a coffee place. Remember that you’re in a relationship business, and you want to build that from the very first point of communication that happens. 

So here you are! If you have any that you want to add please put them in the comments section. We would love to add them and give you credit the next time.  

  1. “I have a list 🗒 of open houses I can send your way. Would you like me to text that to you?” –Tristan Ahumada
  2.  “Hi Again, I found a home 🏡 that you may like. Please let me know if I should text to you or email it.” –Tristan Ahumada
  3. “Hi {FirstName} are you still interested in searching online for a home? I don’t want to spam you 🙂.” –Tristan Ahumada
  4. “Hi, {FirstName}👋 . A little while back you reached out to us through our website about homes for sale. For some reason or another, we may have lost touch. Just want to make sure you are taken care of. Are you still looking for a new home? Here’s my website, so feel free to start searching again: websitename.com” – Nick Baldwin
  5. “I just want to make sure I didn’t drop the ball on what I’ve been sending you. Do any of the homes fit what you’re looking for or should I change what I’m sending you?” – Brittiny Howard
  6. “Hey, I just had a few minutes free up on Thursday evening, were there any homes you wanted to go take a look at” – Shane Bond
  7. And then there’s the famous, “{FirstName}?” 


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