Jun 29, 2022 by - Nick Baldwin

Develop A Content Marketing Platform In 2022

Do you struggle to make New Year’s resolutions only to abandon it weeks later? Most likely, this is due to your resolution being too broad. “Start a Facebook business page” or “Hire a marketing assistant” are both good goals, but they don’t provide a way to get there.

If you’ve depended on word-of-mouth and networking to sell your business, the year 2022 may present you with new obstacles. It’s critical to have an online presence in order to expand your professional influence and ensure that you can promote even when you can’t host or attend events. Use the SMART goal system to develop a new content marketing platform so you can blow your competition away and end 2022 with a bang. Here are three additions to your website you can start right away!

1. Video

Video content reigns supreme across all devices. Get out your phone and start creating a video channel if you don’t have one already. You can discuss specific themes or simply show people around your workplace for a day in the life. Post this content everywhere: Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and anywhere else you have a social media presence. Looking for content ideas? Check out 5 TikTok content ideas for realtors.

Do you want to repurpose your content? Have your films transcribed, edited, and posted on your blog platform so you can get twice as much bang for your content development money. Create compelling video content that your clients and prospects will like watching.

2. Blog

If you enjoy writing, you might want to consider starting a blog on your website to share your knowledge. Discuss your market and the process of selling or buying a house. Let people know what you like about your neighborhood and act as a resource for the best qualities of your neighborhood.

To make your material more relevant and searchable, target a specialty such as military families or retirees. You can also hire someone to write your blog for you. Content Fly is one platform where you can get quality content for your blog.

3. Podcast

It could be time to start your own podcast if you enjoy listening to them. You can conduct a podcast as a solo act, interview fresh guests every week, or co-host a regular podcast with a like-minded colleague. As you learn new things, provide useful information and engage with your audience.


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