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Building A Real Estate Funnel For Lead Generation

The real estate industry has been at its peak consistently for the past decade. There are always houses on the market and a ready buyer looking to move into these homes. However, sourcing for potential home buyers and sellers is never easy. Decades ago, real estate was advertised solely with traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, mails, radio announcements, TV adverts, to name a few. Nowadays, marketing has been revolutionized with funnels and lead generation. Before we dive into our topic for the day, I’d like us to clarify the meaning of leads for those who are a bit confused.

In real estate, buyer and seller leads refer to buyers and sellers whose information you collect from your website, usually via web forms.

They are a vital aspect of real estate funnels as these people are a potentially large market in the short, medium, and long term. Most people misinterpret funnels, thinking they ought to take effect immediately. When they don’t make any sales, they tend to give up. Giving up is a silly option in the real estate business, especially when you already have buyer and seller leads. The key to success with lead generation is staying long-term to build a funnel and pipeline of potential homebuyers and sellers. This ensures future business in all time frames and a positive ROI.

What do we mean by “Staying Long term?”

The answer is pretty straightforward—be patient enough to nurture your buyer and seller leads to ensure conversion in the short, medium, and long term. Buying or selling a house is never an easy decision.

There are a lot of factors involved, ranging from credit, the decision to move, income, availability of down payment; the list is endless. Some visitors may immediately become clients as they already put everything in place and are ready to proceed with the process. On the other hand, others may need some time to prepare for the process. They might also need time to make up their minds, and your job is to help them make up their mind and point them in the right direction. This is where funnels come in.

You need to nudge them with emails not-so-often and tailor them to the specific need of buyer and seller leads. Funnels have several stages – awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. Emails should be tailored based on these stages, as leads in each stage need a different kind of message.

Nevertheless, if you email them too often, your emails might end up in the trash folder, and you could lose these leads. Also, do not be too persuasive as it gets annoying sometimes. Email marketing is an art, and copywriters are masters of this art. Therefore, it will be wise to hire the services of a skilled copywriter to help you craft compelling emails for your buyer and seller leads. The right marketing emails go a long way to ensure the conversion of your leads.

We all agree that the real estate business sector is not for the fainthearted. You need to exercise patience to succeed in this line of business. Forget all those misleading adverts that imply that buyers and sellers come flocking in once you create your funnel. With funnels, you need to be patient—I know you are tired of hearing this; however, it is the only way to succeed. Put yourself in your lead’s shoes – If you are a homeowner, how long did it take for you to purchase your first home. You also needed convincing and had to prepare for the process, right? Your seller leads will also need convincing because selling a home is a huge deal for most homeowners.

Funnels with lead generation are successful more often than not; however, you shouldn’t expect immediate results. If you are patient enough, your funnel will yield an unimaginable amount of business. You need to stay in the game, keeping all your leads in the pipeline. Engage with them, offer promotions, tell them why they should buy or sell their homes. If you give up too soon, you will have wasted time, energy, resources, thrown away potential business, and suffered a negative ROI.

The most successful real estate agents are those who are patient enough to see it through. Remember, patience is required in every aspect of life, especially real estate.

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