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Agent to Agent Referrals: Top Four Things To Consider When Referring Your Business

Building a successful real estate career takes a lot of time and dedication. Throughout the years of doing business, smart agents realize how important it is to maintain a stellar reputation with their clients and preferred partners. It’s all about the consumer experience and the same applies when structuring a successful agent to agent referral business.

The longer you are in the real estate game the more important it is to find trusted partners that can help you maintain the level of integrity you expect your clients and referrals to receive.

Gone are the days when you post in a Facebook forum looking for an agent in a qualified market place, vet that agent, and hope they provide your referral with a world class real estate experience. In this article I’d like to discuss the top four things to consider when establishing a relationship with a referral agent.


It is critical that you find a trustworthy agent. One who will not only provide a superior level of service to your referral but also one you can trust to receive your referrals.


We’re not small widgets here. A trusted referral agent should be a true professional. A true professional removes emotion from the situation and acts as a fiduciary to the clients they serve. They are experienced and carry themselves well.


There are many facets to communication in an agent to agent referral transaction because there are many moving parts; all of which should not be overlooked. To create a positive experience for everyone involved in the transaction, communication is key! This is where most agents fall short time and time again.


Your referral agent should be completely transparent with you and your referral through the entire transaction experience. Transparency also includes foreshadowing what will happen next to both you and your referral. Let there not be any surprises.

All of these and many other factors have been meticulously through out at LCA Referrals. If you’re at this level of business and faced with similar challenges look no further. Finding a reputable and professional referral agent just got a whole lot easier.

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