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Agent To Agent Referral Exchange: The Do’s And Don’ts

The struggle is real. If you’re in real estate full time and actually do a decent amount of business then you’ve probably faced challenges at some point in your career when referring your customers to agents outside of your marketplace.

Agent to agent referral exchange isn’t something you’re taught in real estate school and there isn’t necessarily a handbook on this subject for best practices.

In this article I’d like to expose some of the major pitfalls agents face when searching for a trusted referral agent. As a profession in the industry, It’s important for you to identify the pitfalls in order to know what you should be looking for when making such an important decision.

First – What Is An Agent-To-Agent Referral Exchange?

An agent-to-agent referral exchange is a process in which agents from one organization refer clients or leads to agents from another organization, and in return, receive referrals from the other agents. This type of referral exchange can be used to build relationships and expand networks in various industries, including real estate, insurance, and financial services.

In a real estate context, for example, an agent from one brokerage may refer a potential homebuyer to an agent from another brokerage in a different city, if the first agent is unable to assist the client due to geographical constraints. In return, the second agent may refer a potential seller to the first agent. By participating in an agent-to-agent referral exchange, both agents can expand their networks and potentially generate new business for themselves.

It’s important to note that in some cases, agents may be required to follow specific rules or guidelines when participating in a referral exchange, such as disclosing the referral to clients and adhering to local laws and regulations.

Don’t – Turn To Public Or Private Facebook Forums To Find Potential Referral Agents

Facebook is swarming with hungry agents willing to say whatever it takes to get more business. And even if you do find a potentially qualified agent you then have to ward off the remaining hundreds of agents you didn’t choose. Trust me it’s a nightmare.

Do – Align With A Company That Takes Its Time Vetting Every Agent They Partner With

Save yourself a ton of time and heartache by leveraging a company that can introduce you to qualified agents in your desired territory and don’t simply take an individual’s word for it.

Don’t – Reach Out To Your Broker Directly

Believe it or not brokers are for profit entities and will do whatever it takes to make an extra 5%-10% anywhere they can.

Do – Take Your Time Doing Necessary Research

Take your time collecting your own research weighing the pros on cons of referral solutions. You’ll find there really aren’t very many and some of them are fly by night teams using a “referral network” landing page as a lead gen tool.

Don’t – Make A Rushed Decision

Don’t make a hasty decision when choosing a referral agent or joining a network. Every decision you make in your business makes a direct impact on your customer experience. So make it count.

Do – Reach Out To LCA Referrals

Reach out to LCA Referrals to learn more about how our platform is the most trusted and nationally recognized for submitting your client referrals. Starting in January 2023, agents can utilize our new internal distribution platform that provides you complete visibility and ownership of your client referrals.

Expand your business by having access to top referral partners in every market. If you have a client buying or selling in another city or state, rest assured that LCA Referrals has an agent in every market with a proven track record of closing referrals and providing the highest level of service to your client.

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