Aug 22, 2022 by - Tristan Ahumada

3 Proven Ways To Get Real Estate Referrals

Coaching Time…

I was sitting down with an agent that has produced over 300 million in volume this year. He’s one of my coaching clients and most of his business comes from referrals. After outlining What his referral business looks like we went deeper as to what it needs to be in 2022.

Here’s a quick little rundown of what we went over and how I broke it down.

When it comes to real estate referrals most businesses can target them through three different verticals. There are definitely more avenues when it comes to referrals but here’s what I outlined quickly for you so you can follow along.

I called this my Referral 3 – or H.O.P.

Referrals At Home

This includes handwritten note cards, Pop bys, gifts through the mail, postcards, and anything that the person will receive at home.

Online Referrals

This includes retargeting, remarketing, emails, texting, phone calls, tv ads, radio ads, and anything you can imagine the targets them on the phone.

In-Person Referrals

This one includes big or small events for your clients, dinners or parties, find appreciation outings, 1 on 1 coffee or dinners.

Here were some of the opportunities for each one of the three so you can get a better idea of what he’ll be working on.

At Home – he’s going to dive deeper into hand written letters and we talked about using a company called

Online – he’s going to be re-marketing to his past clients on social media so that he has a stronger presence online. Looking at Ylopo or Chime for remarketing.

In Person – he feels more comfortable breaking down his past client list into smaller segments so he’s going to be taking them out to dinner in groups of about 20 at a time. He’s going to focus on an amazing restaurants in the area he works in and he’s going to have a photographer and video person there. He wants to connect with his core past clients deeper.

This helps and I hope it gives you some ideas as to what you should be doing for your business. And if you ever have any questions or inquiries about coaching please let me know.


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