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— by John Moscillo

Adjusting Your Mindset in the Age of Social Media

We are barraged from every angle of social media, and every angle plays to our subconscious. That little thing we can’t really control which controls us can, in fact, be controlled by what we feed it. When you feed it garbage, it gives you a negative world. When you feed it positive, it gives you a positive world. 

One place you really need to be careful and protect yourself from is the discouragement that can set in when you see an agent posting how great they are doing while you are trying to get going. Believe it or not, that will impact you. Seeing listing after listing come when you are struggling to get even one. 

What you have to do is remove that from your life. One thing that I learned through my 16-year journey—part of which was one of self-discovery when I left a toxic relationship and walked away from everything only to start all over in my forties—is that everything in life is a permission set. 

You can control how you feel 

You allow other people or situations to make you feel bad or influence you. However they make you feel, you need to know that you are 100 percent in control of it. When you learn this, then you can stop giving permission to people who make you feel bad. Seller, Buyers, Co-Workers, Loved Ones. If they are making you feel bad, then take that permission away. I find that being super kind in return helps. They can keep coming at me with negativity but since there is no permission there to make me feel bad, I keep giving them love back since it seems they need it…






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