Oct 30, 2017 by - Tristan Ahumada

9 Ways to Build Rapport

1. Listen.

2. Ask Questions that pertain to the listening you have done.

3. Use Their Name.

Use their name during the conversation.

4. Stay upbeat.

No one wants to talk to someone who is not upbeat.

5. Profile them.

Notice how they handle information. Does the other person like “the big picture” or do they prefer the fine details? As you speak, supply information in the size they prefer. DISC them as quickly as you can.

6. Pick up on favorite words and phrases.

In a subtle way, place them into your conversation. This will help you bond. It also brings a sense of comfort to the individual you’re speaking with—in person or online.

7. You can build rapport by text.

Be sure to use happy faces, thumbs up and gifs. Breaking the ice with a happy face can be the difference in Trust vs. No Trust. Check out our blog for Amazing examples of Texts to use.

8. Find Common Ground.

Always be looking for opportunities that connect you with others—it can be something as basic as liking the same sports team, having the same kind of SUV, or ordering the same lunch. Focus on similarities, not differences.

9. Watch and listen to people.

Pay attention to those you admire who seem to easily connect and engage with others, particularly strangers. Whether it’s in person or online, observe the conversations, posts and Tweets. What works for them? How do they break the ice and bond with others? How do people respond to them?

Rapport is about making a two-way connection. How do you know that’s happened?

You experience a genuine sense of trust and respect with another human being. You easily engage with them, regardless of how different the two of you may be. You feel like you are listening and being listened to. That’s rapport.


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