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5 Must Haves for Success in 2023 as a Real Estate Agent

As the way we buy and sell real estate changes, so must the strategies and tactics of real estate professionals. With the market ever-changing, 2023 promises to be full of new challenges and opportunities for agents who are ready to adapt in order to remain relevant and find listings in this industry.

In this blog post, discover 5 must-haves every real estate agent needs to weather any market conditions and have consistent business for 2023.

1. Real Estate Agents Must Have Good Habits

Although the real estate industry is constantly changing, there are a few habits all real estate agents must have in order to be successful.

First, you need a solid routine that helps you focus on the right activities that will ultimately bring business. Start with removing the unnecessary habits you have in your routine and replacing them with dollar-productive activities like lead generation and prospecting.
Second, successful agents are highly organized and disciplined. Put systems in place to manage your time better and stay on top of every task. This will allow you to spend more time building relationships and closing deals. 
Third, successful agents stay consistent with their business. So no matter what the market looks like, be sure to always be adding to your pipeline and generating leads. Only doing these activities when things are slow won’t create consistent commissions especially in 2023.

2. Agents Must Have a Solid Business Plan

If you don’t have a clear business plan, now is the perfect time to make one for 2023. A business plan is one of the most important tools in your kit as a real estate agent. It clearly outlines your goals, strategies, and tactics for your real estate business so you know exactly how to be successful next year.
Start by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business and find activities to help you combat your weaknesses and magnify your strengths. Include details like your priorities, how you will generate leads, what activities you will focus on, and a business marketing plan to promote your services.

Click here for a business plan outline. 

3. Agents Must Have a Lead Generation Strategy

Generating leads is the most important step in closing deals, so you have to have a clear strategy if you want to be successful in 2023. There are so many ways you can generate leads for your business including circle prospecting, calling Expired Listings, sending targeted Facebook Ads, building a social media presence, and more. 
Pick 3 or 4 ways to consistently generate leads for your business and commit to them for at least 6 months. If you don’t see the return on your investment, try a few different methods and repeat the process. For more ideas on how to generate leads, check out this article.
Remember, lead generation is an ongoing process that requires consistent and sustained effort. If you stop doing the activities to generate leads, your business won’t have consistent success. 

4. Agents Must Have a Social Media Presence

The way we consume information and make decisions has changed dramatically over the last decade. Homeowners now rely heavily on reviews and social media to inform their buying decisions.

This means that real estate agents need a strong social media presence in order to stay relevant and build their businesses. 
If you aren’t on social media (or aren’t posting consistently), 2023 is the perfect time to build your reputation online. Start by posting relevant information that brings value to homeowners. You can include market updates, recent listings, FAQs, and more. For more ideas on what to post on social media, go here.
If you don’t have the time to dedicate to creating high quality and valuable content to generate leads, consider services like REDX’s Brand Builder to help you save time and convert more leads.

5. Agents Must Have a Sphere of Influence System

It takes up to eight times more money, energy, and time to try and capture new clients than it does to generate business from your past clients and sphere of influence. Too many databases dry up, leaving agents to wonder why long-term listings are so hard to come by.
While it’s always important to prospect for motivated leads, it’s equally important to create systems and processes that will generate lasting referral business from your existing relationships. If you don’t, your past clients, friends, and family will forget that you’re their go-to agent.
Set up a consistent system that will help you reach out to your sphere of influence regularly. Whether it’s birthdays, house anniversaries, or market updates, find ways to reach out and connect with your sphere in 2023. For more sphere scripts and strategies, check out this blog.

2023 Here We Come!

Overall, success as a real estate agent in 2023 will largely depend on you and your commitment. But if you put in the work and stay consistent, you will find more listings and success than ever before. Now it’s up to you to obtain these must-haves and prepare for a prosperous 2023!

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