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Your Untapped Lead Gen Source: Lenders

92% of consumers trust a referral from someone they know. In 2021, 68% of home sellers noted their real estate agent was a direct referral from family or friends.

This is good news for agents as referred customers have a nearly 30% higher conversion rate than typical lead gen sources which historically return a mere 1-3%. Given those statistics, why aren’t we placing more emphasis on building relationships and a network with other professionals who can refer us business on a more regular basis?

Beyond the friend and family connection, there is an untapped lead source that real estate professionals can use to generate leads consistently – lenders. Service professionals such as mortgage brokers and even financial advisors can fill the referral gap as they interact with clients who are navigating real estate investments.

Leverage Your Existing CRM

By leveraging your existing investment in a CRM system, you can keep tabs on building and fostering these relationships to drive new leads. The same features and functionality used to nurture and set up appointments can be replicated with this targeted referral group.

Unlike other offerings, Chime’s CRM platform even takes it a step further and offers a dedicated lender account embedded within the system which is specifically designed to manage these exact partnerships.

Within Chime, agents can collaborate with mortgage brokers and ensure ongoing, active communication with this influential source of leads. The system enables you to share new leads and referrals back and forth with a specific lender or advisor by adding the individual directly to your Chime account.

There’s no limit on the number of lenders you can add, and Chime’s easy-to-use system makes it simple for these professionals to leverage. With many other relevant features and capabilities, Chime makes it easy to build out this source of new referral opportunities.

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