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Why You Should Use A Real Estate Concierge Service

Being a real estate agent is hard. There are many aspects of an agent’s day to day that technology tries to simplify but often leads to making it more complicated. With different technologies brings multiple learning curves and ultimately different places to go to if you need help.

This creates a complex web of systems that do not always communicate with one another causing headaches and frustration for something as simple as remembering your login password!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to one place, like your managing broker or someone at your office, for the solution to your problem?

With showings being one of the most important parts of an agent’s business, the technology to facilitate showings needs to be easy to use, integrated, and have assistance from people you are familiar with.

That is why Showingly created our Brokerage Suite product. We wanted to empower brokerages with a tool integrated with their agent’s day to day. Making it easier for brokerages to provide help beyond contracts to their agents. The ultimate goal of Brokerage Suite is to bring the power back to the brokerage and provide a better service for agents. 

Starting with showings, we created the capability for brokerages and their admins to plug into their agents’ showing process. Agents can now talk to their brokerage about scheduling showings, approving or denying showings, and even configuring their listings. This helps bring the support back in house with people you are familiar with, building trust between agents and brokers. All while incorporating a market differentiator over other brokerages.

Being plugged into your agent’s showings also brings business changing data. Team leaders, imagine being able to see showing statistics of all your agents listings. With data points like exact times people are entering and exiting your property, days of the week most showings are done, amount of showings done, location, and amount of property views.

We can provide custom insights catered to you and your market. Based on all of this data, using our AI, we can provide valuable insights about how to help your agents position their listings best to stand out and close quicker. While other data points like average number of showings before a contract can help buyers agents create predictability for their clients and their business.

“Brokerage Suite provides brokerages with powerful tools and analytics to amplify their firm’s value-add to agents and clients.”

Being in the showing management space for a few years has taught us a few things. Technology is rapidly advancing in the real estate space and the differentiator for agents is ease of use and support. Combining technology with a suite of tools for brokerages backed by Showingly’s white glove customer service and onboarding process, Brokerage Suite is shaping up to be THE product for both agents and brokers in the showing management space.

Brokerage Suite offers a one of a kind software solution that enables brokerages to provide a concierge service for their current and future agents. With a secure easy to use interface, Brokerage Suite is the MUST HAVE tool for brokerages to stand out from the rest and rapidly grow their business.

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