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Who Are You Even Talking To? Real Estate Social Media

If you aren’t talking about things I care about I won’t hear you! We see so much nonsense all day from billboards to social media that you have to speak directly to my interests or pain points to get my attention!

For example, a post about how to sell my house won’t get my attention. A post about how to land season tickets for the new MLS team in town WILL get my attention. Creating content that speaks to my current situation, not your ideal marketing scenario, means you’ll get my attention. Attention leads to interest and loyalty. So, the agent that provides me with value TODAY is likely to be the agent I hire when I eventually need to sell my house!

Getting Attention From Your Ideal Customer / Client

Are you speaking directly to your ideal customer? Are you creating content about things you KNOW they care about while ignoring everyone else? I hope so! It’s the only way to get attention from your future customers!

Most folks don’t have marketing or communications degrees, so knowing how to craft your message for the right audience may be a new concept for you. The problem is that generic messages meant for everyone are ANNOYING. By trying to speak to everyone, you typically attract nobody instead. It’s a big reason so many businesses get ignored by their target markets! Rather than adding to the overall noise of the modern world, why not determine who you are even talking to first?

Who Is The Ideal Person You Are Trying to Attract?

Who is the ideal person you are trying to attract? For my business, it’s an established real estate agent who’s been in the business for at least 3 years, who has some tech savvy but isn’t an expert, and who wants to provide better customer service while also growing their business. They are typically female, over the age of 50, and have a spouse that provides a second income.

There is a LOT more that I know about my ideal customer, but we don’t have space for all of it. Can you list the same details for your ideal customer? If not, you have work to do!

Here’s what’s happened. As communication continues to get easier, due to advances like social media or video messaging, we start to hear from more people and businesses. As the messages multiply, it takes more to get our attention. Some people handle this by being even more outrageous (dancing on TikTok for instance), and that can work. But a better response is to narrow your target. Clarify who you want to attract as a customer, and create messages that matter to them!

For example, let’s say your ideal customer is a person over 55 who is looking to downsize their home (in this example you’re a real estate agent). If you make a video with 3 tips to sell a house they might watch it, but what if you made a video about 3 things to consider if your house is bigger than you need!? Think about it this way. If that ideal customer scrolled through Facebook and saw both videos from 2 different agents, which one would they think would serve them best?

Catering Your Social Media Messaging

That’s the key to effective marketing in 2022, catering your message specifically to the audience you want to attract! As more small businesses do this, the generic messages become even less useful. Next time you sit down to write an email newsletter, post to social media, or make a video, ask yourself if your ideal customer will care about your content. If they will, then make it!


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