May 22, 2020 by - Transactly

What’s New at Transactly this May?

In addition to growing our team to over 70+ experienced transaction coordinators nationwide, we conducted a market survey to help our clients — and everyone else — know what homebuyers and sellers are thinking about the market.  We also made more improvements to our application, with more features continuing to roll out every month to help with agent productivity.

We Asked Homebuyers and Sellers What They Think About COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects it has had on the housing market, Transactly decided to conduct a survey to see what buyers and sellers think about the current situation. Buyers and sellers drive the market, so knowing their opinions and expectations relating to the pandemic is crucial in an attempt to predict what will come of the housing market in the next few months. 

The survey asked 400 buyers and 400 sellers who had planned on entering the market in 2020 how their plans have changed, and what intentions they had following the pandemic. The results of the survey provided some very interesting and surprising data. 

41% of homebuyers claimed they would buy a home without ever seeing it in person. This may seem unfathomable, but if homebuyers are truly willing to participate in a completely virtual buying experience now, it could lend to the rise of many new virtual platforms in the real estate industry following the pandemic. Potentially bringing about more change to the industry, and a higher demand for the use of technology platforms, than it has already endured. This would affect every professional in the industry, as clients continue to request the use of technology to make the real estate process easier, smoother, and more transparent.

After the pandemic starts to come to its end, and stay-at-home orders are lifted, a majority of buyers and sellers are ready to jump right back into the process within 6 months regardless of the fears and hesitations they may have. This optimistic discovery could mean the housing market can expect a quick comeback, and a surge of clients entering the market following stay-at-home orders. 

The sudden increase in demand for agents that is to be expected following the pandemic will offer great business opportunities for agents. The workload required to seize those opportunities can become quickly overwhelming though, unexpected circumstances such as this one is why Transactly offers flexible transaction coordinator services. You can choose to contract out the services of a TC for a singular transaction or choose a volume-based contract to use their services on multiple transactions. Transactly TCs are experienced and know how to handle the pressure of juggling many transactions, and deadlines. They would be a trustworthy partner to bring onto your team at any time, but especially when an influx of clients is expected. 

You can find out more about this survey and its results here

We Made More Application Improvements

Transactly’s technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, and many of the features are based on user feedback to improve efficiency and streamline the overall process. The most recent updates to their technology make organization and efficiency attainable for any agent, regardless of how busy they may be.

Google Integrations

To further the platform’s efficiency with an agent’s everyday life,  integrations with both Google Calendar and Google Drive were added.  The calendar allows any user to sync all of their transaction milestones and tasks with one of the biggest calendar providers at the click of a button, ensuring you never miss another deadline.  Drive will allow you to share files from your Google Drive to others in the transaction or attach them to emails sent out of the platform. 

Email Templates 

Another big addition over the last several months was the ability to create and send custom email templates from within the application, saving transaction coordinators and agents an enormous amount of time on typing up repetitive email messages across several transactions. After you’ve done the general setup and formatting,  you can use the template in any transaction, pre-filling information such as the recipient’s email address based on their role, contract information, or key deadlines.  It’s already proved to be a big time-saver for users, and more added features are planned over the next quarter. 


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